Read-a-Thon Sock Hop

Today was the Read-a-Thon Sock Hop at Chloe’s school today.  Lucky for her, the people that we bought the house from left Chloe her poodle skirt, so she was set.  It was a tad bit big, but she didn’t let that stop her!  She looked really, really cute and was so excited to get to school!

DSC_0749 DSC_0750

I surprised Chloe and showed up for the Sock Hop portion of the day.  She was surprised and happy to see me, but honestly, she didn’t really care if I was there or not!  She danced and danced and hardly noticed me at all!

907 908

She was able to stay until 5:00 to enjoy the festivities of the day.  When I asked her earlier in the week if she wanted to stay, she thought I was crazy to even ask her.  Of course she wanted to stay!  Her bus dropped her off at 5:15, and she was a smiling mess.  Her ponytail was barely hanging on, her hair was all in her face, and her skirt was turned around backwards – but she was one happy little 1st grader!


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