Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Here is the one and only picture I got of the day….


It was a busy day.  Christy and I had to run since we are training again for CMM.  Then, we rushed home, got ready, and we went to Cole’s Valentine’s party for a bit.  I took him a bit early, and then I met Matt at Chloe’s school to go to her party.  Well, Cole was worn out and ended up having a major melt down as we were walking into Chloe’s school (and it was raining and it was freezing), so I sent Matt on to the party while I came home with Caroline and Cole.  I put Caroline down and made Cole take a nap.  He ended up falling asleep and sleeping for over 2 hours – which explains his meltdown.  The boy was TIRED!

Matt dropped Chloe off, went and played basketball, and when he got back we couldn’t decide what we wanted to do for dinner….. so guess where we ended up?  Of course – Mexican!  After dinner we gave the kids their treat from us, which was a small chocolate heart cake.  They were pleased….. and now we have a ton of chocolate Valentine’s in the house from the kids’ parties to go along with that cake.  It’s too much!


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