Disney Bound!!

We haven’t told the kids yet, but Matt and I have been planning a spring break trip to Disney.  We really didn’t know when to tell the kids, but I was doing some researching online and accidentally left it up on the computer.  Chloe saw it later and asked if we were going to Disney.  Matt and I just made up something to throw her off because we wanted to tell Cole and her at the same time.  So tonight while we were cooking dinner, I made some rice krispy treats in the shape of Mickey’s head.  We ate dinner and told the kids we had a special treat for them.  We gave each of them a Mickey treat, and they thought they were fun.  Matt asked them, “Do you know why your mom made you a Mickey shaped treat?”  Cole didn’t have a clue and didn’t care.  He just wanted to eat him.  Chloe looked at us suspiciously and asked, “Because we are going to Disney????”  When we said yes, there was lots of screaming and jumping up and down and chaos.  Saying they were excited was an understatement.  Can’t wait to see their faces when we are there!



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