Chloe is SEVEN!!!

Today was such a good day, and I think Chloe loved it! She awoke to her usual streamers and balloons, but this year there were seven balloons, and there was one dollar in each balloon. Surprisingly, she didn’t notice this – it was Cole who pointed it out to her. After getting ready for school and taking pictures, we walked to the bus stop.

867 869 DSC_0669 DSC_0671868


When the bus driver stopped, the first thing he said was, “Happy Birthday, Chloe!” Wow! He is so sweet, and I really think he is the best bus driver ever. Chloe later told me he played a birthday song for her when she got on the bus, and then after the bus made the last stop and the bus was full, he announced to everyone that it was Chloe’s birthday and played the song again. She was giddy!
Pappy, Papa, Caroline and I (Cole was at school) surprised Chloe at lunch, and she was just that – surprised – and very happy. We got ice cream for her class and sat with Chloe while she ate lunch. She loved having us there, so we loved that she loved having us there. We’re gonna ride that as long as we can!
After lunch we told Chloe we would see her at the bus stop this afternoon, and we did. We hurried in and finished homework so we could get that out of the way. Then, Chloe opened her presents from Pappy and Papa. We didn’t let her open anything else because her daddy was out of town, and we want him to be home to celebrate with us.
After presents we headed to dinner. It was Chloe’s choice, so of course, it was BrickTops. Ninnie met us there, and we had a yummy feast. Dinner consisted of more presents, more fun, and CAKE. Even though neither Chloe or Cole ate much dinner, they did eat cake. Poor Caroline didn’t get cake (because we are making her wait until her birthday), but I think she ate more dinner than anyone! She ate bread, spinach dip, chicken, blueberries, grapes, pineapple, strawberries, and french fries! But….. back to the cake – it was delicious, and Chloe enjoyed blowing out the candles.

DSC_0674 DSC_0676 DSC_0677 DSC_0678
On the way home, poor Chloe lost it. Everything caught up with her, the exhasution set it, and she started crying for her daddy. She was so sad – we all were – that he wasn’t with us tonight. She cried and cried, but she ended up satisfied when we face-timed him. Matt walked out of his dinner meeting just to talk to her briefly. He showed the kids the outside of the restaurant where he was (MN), and there were feet of snow!! The kids loved it! This calmed Chloe down enough that she went to bed happy. Now, we can’t wait for Daddy to get home so we can celebrate Chloe’s 7th together!
Happy 7th Birthday sweet Chloe! What a full, fun day you have had, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon! Love you sweet girl!


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