Christmas Eve

Matt had to work today (Boo!), so we basically just hung around the house while I unpacked and got things put up in place.  We spent some time baking our cookies for Santa.


Then, the older kids ended up going to Ninnie and Big Poppa’s while Caroline napped so Matt and I could get some things done.  We all met up at church for candlelight service, and it was fun having all 3 kids in “big church” with us.  Caroline was a squirmy wormy, but she was pretty good.  She loved looking at the candles and the light, and of course, Chloe and Cole loved having a candle light to hold.  After church, we all went out to Sperry’s for a yummy meal before heading home.


It was later than we meant for it to be when we got home, so we quickly set out our cookies for Santa, got ready for bed, and told Buddy bye.  As excited as the kids were for Santa, I thought they would have a hard time going to sleep – but nope!  They must have been out as soon as we turned the lights out.  We didn’t hear a peep from them the rest of the night!


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