Thanksgiving 2013… and Uncle Mitch’s Birthday

As I said earlier, we all 5 had the week together at home.  Big Poppa had surgery on Monday, and he seems to be doing well.  Ninnie has been worn out from being in Lexington and taking care of Ikey and doing everything for his funeral.  Since we didn’t plan on doing anything, we cooked Thanksgiving lunch for everyone….. and also…. today is Uncle Mitch’s birthday!  We cooked a feast, ate way too much, played a couple of games of touch football after lunch, and just wasted the day away.  Uncle Mitch stayed later and celebrated his birthday with us for a while.  It was a good day full of good food and good family!  Here’s the proof (from Uncle Mitch)!



Caroline’s 3rd Tooth

Caroline had her 3rd tooth pop through today – her first top tooth.  The little sweetie doesn’t seem to be having a hard time with….. she’s acting normal and happy as always!

Thanksgiving at Pappy and Papa’s (and No Shave November)

Since Ikey died this week and we were headed to Lexington for the visitation and funeral, our Thanksgiving plans changed a bit.  Matt and Uncle Mitch were pallbearers, so we all hit the road early Friday morning with the whole family in tow.  It was cold, wet, yucky, and rainy.  Caroline just couldn’t make it the whole way without getting some shut eye.IMG_1504 IMG_1505

Pappy and Papa came to the visitation and they took the kids home with them while we stayed for the funeral.  The funeral was nice and very sweet, and we went out to lunch afterwards with Ninnie and Big Poppa.  We then headed to Pappy and Papa’s for the weekend.  It was a good weekend, and we ate plenty of food while we were there.  The Vols got beat by Vanderbilt Saturday night, so that was a huge, huge bummer.  I got this picture of the boys before game time – all 3 of them are participating in No Shave November for cancer awareness.IMG_1511 IMG_1512We went to church and lunch Sunday, and we headed back home.  It was a quick trip and I felt like we turned around and came home as soon as we got there.  Big Poppa is having surgery tomorrow, so we wanted to be home for that, and we are cooking Thanksgiving for all of Matt’s family.  The kids have the entire week off of school, and Matt took off of work a few days, so we are looking forward to having some family time with Matt in town (and with nothing for any of us to do).  That doesn’t happen too often, so we are going to take advantage and enjoy the upcoming week!


Easy Bake

The kids baked some (small) goodies with the Easy Bake Oven tonight, and they could not hardly wait for the cupcakes to be done.  They stood this way and watched the timer on the microwave for FOREVER.  I could not believe how long they stood there watching the time countdown.