Look Closely!!

Look at that mouth!!  This is the first time Chloe has had two front teeth since she was two years old!  When she was 2 and had that tooth pulled, I thought and thought about how long it would be before she had two front teeth….. and here we are!  She now has two front teeth!!

IMG_1251 IMG_1253

Cole’s Team

Cole had soccer pics before his game today, so I took a quick shot of his team while they were getting posed.  Cole’s row looks like quadruplets.  


Poor Baby

So… evidently a diary allergy and eczema go hand in hand.  We’ve had to work really hard to take care of Caroline’s skin – special laundry detergent, special soap, special shampoo, and special and specific directions for applying special lotions.  For some reason, though, she has totally broken out again.  I feel so bad for her!

IMG_1190 IMG_1193