Lightning Bugs

Matt and I grilled out tonight, and we had a fun family evening and stayed outside playing late into the night.  When we started trying to have a conversation but couldn’t get a word in b/c of the kids, we told them to run up the hill and try to catch some lightning bugs.  Cole zipped up the hill at top speed and was back before we thought possible.  He said, “I found some!”  Then, he showed us his hand and we couldn’t stop laughing.  Chloe, in the meantime, was still up the hill trying to catch one!

IMG_0771 IMG_0772



Caroline spent some time with Ninnie today while I got the kids out of the house for showings.  We met the Ferris fam at the movies to see Monsters U.  Cole “had” to wear his hat to the movies because he was so proud to show Anderson.  I just cannot look at him with a straight face when he wears this! (And he acted silly wouldn’t uncross his eyes either.)

IMG_0766 IMG_0765

Ready for Work

Matt was getting ready to leave for work, so Cole ran upstairs to “get ready” too.  He came down in the ridiculous outfit and was so proud.  Church button down shirt, church shoes, and those shorts???  The shoes are about 2 sizes too big, and he even has his wallet in his (front) pocket.  We couldn’t laugh around him because he was so serious and proud – but it was hilarious!

IMG_0750 IMG_0752


After swimming lessons we hit the road (after getting the house completely ready for showings) and made it all the way to Birmingham. We stopped here for a quick dinner because Cole was about to wet his pants.  Caroline slept the entire way, so that was a big help.  We made it to Montgomery (and after a few snags), and settled in for the night.  Caroline was up super early so Matt took the kids swimming while I packed everything up. We had breakfast and were back on the road, but this trip didn’t go as smooth as last night’s.  The kids were anxious to get to the beach, and Caroline was tired of the car.  We did make it, though, and we were all so happy to be at the beach!  We met Pappy and Papa at the grocery store to stock up and so the week could begin.

We pretty much spent all day everyday at the beach.  The weather was great – not too hot during the day and very pleasant at night.  Caroline was a disaster the first couple of days, and I was beginning to wonder if this was a good idea or not!  She was up so much the first night there, and the next day was Father’s Day.  I was so tired I forgot to tell Matt Happy Father’s Day!  😦  She had a bad day father’s day, too, and I felt so bad for Matt.  Not only did we not have anything for him, but we didn’t even have him a card….. and we made him cook dinner!  But, he enjoyed the cooking, and we all had fun once Caroline fell asleep.  After the first couple of days, Caroline turned a corner and began sleeping so much better!  She was still up a time or two at night, but at least she was napping during the day.  Also, in big Caroline news, she rolled over for the first time our last fully day there – Friday the 21st – 5 months old.

We had an extra room in our house, so (pregnant) Carrie, Ryan, and Layla came for a couple of days, and that just made our week!  The kids were so happy to have someone to play with, and Matt and I were so happy to have Carrie and Ryan with us.  Along with playing at the beach, we made sure we got our fill of good food and seafood.

Once again, the kids did so good and had so much fun at the beach.  I think they are going to (want to) be beach bums just like their momma and daddy.  Oh how I wish we had a house at the beach!  The kids loved being with Pappy and Papa all week, and it was such a great week.  We loved our house, and we loved being at Alys.  The only negative I think of was Chloe getting car sick and vomiting on the way home – Barf Bella!:)

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Swimming Lessons

For the past two weeks, the kids have been taking swimming lessons with Coach Scott – we just love him!  He and his staff do such a great job with the kids, and the kids always learn so much.  After each 30 minute session, the kids are completely worn out!  They both improved so much, and I feel much more comfortable with them in the water.  They graduated today and earned their medals.  Afterwards, we loaded up in the car and headed for the beach!

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