Cole’s Deep Thoughts

We have rabbits in our yard all the time (which we love!), but one day this week, there was one dead right at the end of our drive way (neighbor’s cat is likely to blame).  Ewwww!!  I noticed it on the way to the bus stop one morning, and I tried to distract the kids so they would not see it….. but they did.  They had lots of questions and wondered why the rabbit was not in Heaven.  That got into a pretty deep conversation about how your earthly body will remain, but your soul will go to Heaven.

When Matt got home from work, he got the shovel, picked up the rabbit, and threw it in the woods by our house.  Well, the next day, Cole went into those woods….. and what did he find??  Just the rabbit’s head.  Some varmints must have eaten it’s body so Cole ran out yelling…. “Mom!  The rabbit’s body went to Heaven but it’s head is still here!”


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