Chloe’s Two Front Teeth

Chloe’s front tooth was hanging…. literally…. hanging by a thread.  She acted the same way she ALWAYS acts when she needs her tooth pulled.  She wanted it out, but then she would moan and groan and cry when it started to bleed.  Her daddy is always the one to pull her teeth, and we finally both had to say that we give up.  When we tell her that and are ready to quit, she won’t let us…. but she still cries!  It’s the craziest thing!  Then, she doesn’t even know when Matt’s pulled it because it was just hanging!  When this one came out, she was so excited…. and looking so cute.  I love when the two front teeth are missing!   And even better is the way it makes her talk!

IMG_0370 IMG_0371 IMG_0372 IMG_0374




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