I don’t know what she’s dreaming, but it must be something sweet.

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Meeting Aunt Carrie

Aunt Carrie was driving through Nashville (sort of…… she made a huge detour to see us) dropping Layla off with her grandparents.  When she arrived, I was just finishing feeding Caroline in the bed, so Carrie walked straight into the room and got on the bed with us.  She held Caroline the entire time, and we never left the bed!  We talked and caught up as much as we could for a couple of hours until it was time for me to feed Caroline again.  Matt picked up Cole from school so we didn’t have to get out, so Carrie made it at the perfect time – we were able to visit from feeding to feeding while Caroline napped in her arms in between.  Perfect!


Love My Book Club Girls

Tonight I made it out to Book Club (since Matt got home)….. with Caroline in tow!  My book club wanted to see her and said I “had” to come.  When I arrived, they passed Caroline around, and then those sweet girls showered me with gifts – monogrammed bib, monogrammed burp cloth, tons of kid books for Caroline, and a big gift card for me!!  Such a sweet group of ladies that I’m glad I’ve gotten to know so well.  Caroline was a sweetie and didn’t make a peep, and we even stayed out until after 9:00.  When we got home, Matt got some good cuddles with Caroline….. because she decided she didn’t want to sleep much tonight.  Wide-eyed at 11 pm!


More Help

Matt’s out of town again, so Ninnie is helping me this week with Chloe and Cole spending a couple of nights with her.  It is such a HUGE help, and it gives me and Caroline some sweet time together.  The house is quiet, and I can just focus on her and have time to nap as well.  Pics from the week….

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