Caroline’s 2 Week Check-up

We headed to the doctors for Caroline’s 2 wk check up, and she weighed 6 lbs, 14.5 ounces.  Wow!!  She is my biggest baby yet!  I’m so glad to know she is gaining because I’ve had so much nursing pain, but also because she has been spitting up so much and seeming uncomfortable.  The doctor said to just watch her and if it is a big concern, bring her back.  But, with the way she is gaining, there are no worries right now.  The doctor did notice that Caroline’s hip was popping.  She didn’t want to alarm me, but she said if it was still popping at 2 months they would send us to Vanderbilt Children’s for an ultrasound.  For now though, she told me to put it out of my mind and not worry about it.  (yeah, right).

After Chloe got out of school, Ninnie brought them by for a little bit to see Mommy and Caroline.  We were happy to see each other, but the kids were wild.  They were still worn out from not sleeping through the storms, so I imagine they will go to bed early tonight…. as will I…. if Caroline allows it!

IMG_0159[1] IMG_0161[1] IMG_0163[1] IMG_0167[1]



So…. it’s back to the real world (sort of), and boy did it hit hard!  Matt left yesterday to go out of the town for the week, and it sure did make me blue.  I did not want him to leave.  Thankfully, Ninnie got Chloe and Cole and is keeping them until Matt gets back Friday.  I was worried about being away from Chloe and Cole, but it will be nice to have some time with just Caroline while we get adjusted.

We went to bed last night knowing bad weather was on the way and supposed to hit in the middle of the night.  I’m not one to get nervous or scared of storms, so I didn’t think much about it.  I was up around 2:00 a.m. feeding Caroline, and I could tell the weather was getting bad outside.  I turned on the tv, and it was all that was on the news channels.  After Caroline was finished feeding, she went straight back to sleep in the bassinet beside me.  I could tell the weather was getting worse and worse, and we were told to take cover.  The sirens were going off, so I looked out the widow, and all the houses around us had the lights on.  I could tell everyone was awake.  The rain was falling sideways, and the wind was crazy.  Our windows started making the loudest popping noises, and I was afraid they were about to pop.  I said I don’t usually get scared, but this storm scared me.  I stayed close to Caroline and away from the windows with the tv on.  After a few minutes, I could tell it was calmer and the worst of the storm behind us.  At this point it was after 3:30, I was wide awake, and knew Caroline would be waking soon – which she did.  It made for a night of very little sleep.

That morning I didn’t get out of bed til almost 8:30 because it was close to 6:00 before I got Caroline back to sleep.  I walked downstairs, made some coffee, and opened the curtains to the back yard.  Wow.  It looked like a destruction zone.  Our trash can that stays at the side of our house was in our backyard and there was trash everywhere.  Our patio furniture was all over the yard, and worst of all, one of our trees fell on our neighbor’s driveway.  I was afraid it hit their house and cars, but when I called them, they said it missed both.  Of course….. all this happens the first night Matt was gone.  I suited up in rain clothes and cleaned up the yard the best I could.  The neighbors chainsawed the tree enough to get it off their driveway so they could get in and out.  They knew I was home alone with a newborn, so they were very sweet about everything.  I was in such a fog that I didn’t get a pic.  Wish I had!

On top of all that, I’ve got to go back to my OB today.  I’m having major, MAJOR pain that I think may be mastitis.  I can hardly hold Caroline, so hopefully I will get some meds to help me out.

I talked to Ninnie today, and she woke the kids and put them in bed with her during the storm.  The kids were able to eventually go back to sleep, but Ninnie didn’t.  I think everyone in the area will be tired today!

Even though it was a really bad night/day, this sweet little thing was a good distraction….

IMG_0150[1] IMG_0151[1] IMG_0154[1] IMG_0155[1]

(**It was determined that it was a tornado that came through.  Many houses less than a mile from us were missing parts of their roofs, and a few houses had trees to fall on them.  We ended up having to get a new roof because of the damage.)

Caroline’s First Bath

Lauren came over today to take Caroline’s newborn pictures, and we had her on the ottoman to her rocking chair on her belly.  When I picked her up, her umbilical cord had fallen off where she rubbed it. So, the kids were excited to see her real belly button.  They did not know what to think when they first saw it – it bothered them, so they were happy to see her belly button looking normal.  I was happy to finally give her a real bath.  And…. Caroline LOVED it!  She was so content laying in the warm water, and she sure did smell good afterwards!

DSC_0119 DSC_0120 DSC_0125 DSC_0127


IMG_0145[1] IMG_0147[1]

And…. she found her thumb and was sucking away!



The Friday after I had Caroline, Matt and I were in the hospital room and he asked if he should take the kids to the circus the next Saturday.  I said sure and we agreed it would get the kids out of the house and allow me and Caroline some peace and quiet.  When we made those plans it seemed so far away, but my!  How quickly time has passed!

I hardly got out of bed (was up most of the night), and Matt was quiet and got the older two kids ready quickly.  He said they were excited, but they were amazed when they got to the circus.  Matt sent me a few texts updating me and one text said, “The kids are eating $12 cotton candy.”  They were gone most of the afternoon allowing Caroline and me to catch a nap.  When Chloe and Cole got home, they were full of stories.  They had a blast!

IMG_0762[1] IMG_0763[1] IMG_0764[1]

And here is sweet Caroline napping (in her new gown from Pappy) with Mommy while the house is quiet.



We received this invitation in the mail today, and it just hit me.  We have THREE kids.  Wow!!!  I had to take a picture so I would remember how this moment hit me!



Also, it was a bit of a crazy day today.  Cole was home b/c of bad weather, and Chloe was home because she was sick.  The earliest dr. appt. we could get was 2:20, so Matt took her.  She has strep!  That’s what I was hoping for because antibiotics will knock it right out and babies don’t catch it.  Thank goodness!

Week Old Caroline and Sick Chloe

Chloe was at school today, so Matt and I decided we’d like to get out for a bit.  We went to Newk’s for lunch with Caroline and Cole.  Of course, everyone stopped us and asked us how old Caroline was!  She did great and slept the entire time.  Mom and Dad came for a visit and picked Chloe up from school.  She was excited and came in and helped Mom hold Caroline.  I was laying on the chair/ottoman, and Chloe all of a sudden snuggled up to me with a blanket and fell asleep.  This is NOT like her.  Mom and I were commenting on how odd that was, and then I started feeling heat radiating off her.  We could not awake her, and finally I roused her enough to carry her to the bed and take her temp.  102.  Great.  She spent the rest of the afternoon/night in bed, and Mom and Dad left to go home because Dad didn’t need to be around her either.  Guess we are off to the doctor tomorrow and we are hoping Caroline doesn’t catch it!  And now we have bad weather and schools are opening 2 hours late tomorrow.  Whew!

Here are just a few pics of Caroline at 1 week…..

IMG_0135[1] IMG_0138[1] IMG_0140[1] IMG_0133[1]