We got a little bit of a snow today.  It makes me ready and wishing for a big, white, winter wonderland!



Just Random Chloe and Cole Stuff

We had a full day, wore the kids out, and ended the night with a movie after bath.  Again, I love how the kids sit right next to each other on the couch any time they watch tv.


After getting the kids to bed, Matt and I checked on them before we went to bed.  This is how we found Cole.  I told you we wore them out today!

IMG_0013[1] IMG_0014[1]

Roller Rink

Since Chloe learned how to roller skate in PE this year, she has been begging for roller skates.  When we went to see Santa, that’s what she told him she wanted.  And what do you know??  Santa brought her skates!  She’s been skating in the cul-de-sac, so today we took her and Cole to the real skate center.  We knew they wouldn’t last long (and they didn’t), but we were pretty impressed with Chloe.  She was timid and wanted to hold hands, but she did pretty well.  Cole did okay if he had the walker with him, but he tired quicker than we thought he would.  Luckily, we were at the skate center during the time reserved for small kids.  Most kids were just learning like Chloe and Cole, and it was a fun way to pass some time today.

IMG_0007[1] IMG_0008[1] IMG_0009[1]

Merry Christmas!!!

Santa came!!!!

DSC_2570 DSC_2571 DSC_2572 DSC_2573 DSC_2574 DSC_2575 DSC_2577 DSC_2578 DSC_2579 DSC_2580 DSC_2581

IMG_0010[1]DSC_2582 DSC_2583 DSC_2584 DSC_2586 DSC_2587 DSC_2588

It was a good, good day!  A very cold day but such a good day!  The kids played with their presents all morning and I cooked a yummy brunch.  Ninnie and Big Poppa came over mid morning to see what the kids got, and the rest of the day we played and watched Christmas movies.  We were completely lazy and we all watched The Grinch – or Matt and the kids did.  I feel asleep in the chair and slept through the whole movie.  While the kids played, Matt and I watched Christmas Story.  We ended the day by cooking a big meal for dinner.  The four of us just hung out and talked and played until bedtime.  It was a special day, and the kids went to bed completely worn out but oh-so-happy!  I loved being with my little family, and I love how sweet they are to take care of me while I’m not feeling good – even on Christmas.  I’m a lucky mommy and wifey!

Christmas Eve

We had a chill day of just the four of us hanging out today.  We took it easy most of the day and then got ready for Candlelight service – my favorite thing about Christmas.  We took our usual family Christmas Eve pics in front of the tree before heading to church.

DSC_2561 DSC_2563 DSC_2565 DSC_2566

Church was so good.  It was packed!!  Completely pack and was standing room only.  A nice family saw me standing (all 9 months pregnant of me) and made room for me and Matt.  The kids sat in our laps, and Ninnie and Big Poppa found some seats at the last minute.  Our pastor always has such a nice message at this service, and the music was so good.  I’m blaming it on hormones, but I couldn’t keep the tears from flowing.  I don’t think I was the only one, though.  🙂

After church we headed to Sperry’s for a good dinner.  I was so tired I could hardly make it through dinner!  The kids were good and excited to get home, so after dinner we went straight home and baked cookies for Santa.  We left cookies, milk, and a note for Buddy and Santa and got the kids ready for bed.  At this point, Chloe began crying and was so sad because she had to tell Buddy good-bye.  Poor thing!  She was a wreck.  My little sensitive Chloe was so crushed that Buddy was leaving until next Christmas.  Luckily, though, the kids went to bed with no problem at all.  I think they were as tired as I!

DSC_2567 DSC_2569 DSC_2568


Christmas in West Tennessee

This is the last weekend I am able to travel before Baby #3 arrives, so we headed to Mom and Dad’s to celebrate Christmas.  Trying to be more on top of things, I did take my camera; however, I completely forgot to get it out of the case.  Not one picture was taken.  Baby #3 better be a smart baby because he/she is sucking all my brain cells (and energy) from me.

Anyway…. Chloe had an early release day today, so we were on the road by 11:30.  Matt worked in Memphis this past week, so he met us at Mom and Dad’s.  We arrived early in the afternoon, and Chloe and Cole were very excited.  We were unpacking my car, and when we walked in the house…. there was Buddy!!  How did he beat us to Pappy and Papa’s?  When Chloe saw him she screamed.  She was so happy he was there, and she and Cole just could not figure out how he got there so quickly.  We played until dinnertime when Aus, Danie, Mize, A.D., Laura, Neil, Trent, Conner, and Brittany came over.  We ate a yummy dinner and then opened presents.  It was a fun night, and the kids were wild.  It was our first Christmas without Grandan, so that was a little odd/sad.  Laura sent me these pics she took with her phone, so I’m glad I’ve got at least these.

IMG_0039[1] IMG_0040[1] IMG_0041[1]

The next day we did our family Christmas with just us.  Mom cooked a big breakfast, and then we opened presents.  Once again, the kids were so excited/loud/happy/wild.  After presents, the boys (Aus, A.D., and Matt) worked on putting up Mom and Dad’s new mailbox…. which took most of the afternoon.  Pappy took care of the kids while I went to bed for a nice nap.  Afterwards, we all met at Austin and Dana’s and let the kids feed the cows.  Of course, they were thrilled.

We spent the rest of the day/night eating Mom’s big dinner and hanging out.  It was very nice to have all 10 of us together for the day.  It’s been a while since we have all been together.  A.D. ended up going to meet some friends after Dad and the kids went to bed.  Danie took Mize home, and I ended up staying up with Matt, Austin, and Mom talking.  Then, A.D. walked in and I made it up until after midnight talking with everyone.  I haven’t been up that late in a very long while!

The next day was church, lunch with the family, and then we loaded our cars to head back home. It was a nice visit and was good to be home.  That’s the first time we’ve been home since July.  Since Chloe started school, and since Mom and Dad were in Nashville for Dad’s stem cell transplant, we just hadn’t had a chance to get back there.  And, I know it will be a while before we get back with Baby #3 coming, so it was good be there.

Visiting with Santa

We went to visit with Santa today, and Chloe told Santa she wanted roller skates and a microphone.  Cole told Santa he wanted the same thing.  Santa was such a good Santa.  He told them both that if he brought roller skates, they would have to promise to wear their helmets when they skated.  He was very attentive and kind, and after he took pictures with the kids, he MADE me have my picture taken with him.  I’m trying to avoid the camera as much as possible these days, but he told me in years to come I would appreciate having my picture made with this baby in my belly.  Sweet Santa!