Halloween 2012

This year, all Cole wanted to be for Halloween is Spider-man.  Easy enough!  Oddly, though, he has never seen the Spider-man movies because they are not age appropriate.  I don’t really know how he was even introduced to Spider-man, but he loves it.  Since Cole is so into Spider-man, Chloe wanted to be Spider-woman.  Matt and I tried to talk her into something else, and she decided she wanted to be Word Girl.  Perfect!  So, we told her that was a great idea…. until we started looking for a Word Girl costume.  We searched and searched and searched the internet, but we couldn’t find anything.  Everything was sold out at every website.  So, we told her we would take her shopping to find a costume.  She was out of school for fall break one day when Cole was not, so we made that her day.  We went to lunch and then to Party City to look for a costume.  Big, BIG mistake.  The costumes there were horrible!  I can’t even believe they make and sell costumes like that for girls.  Matt was very, very disturbed…. to say the least.  He said our next stop was the Christian bookstore to see if they had any costumes.  Anyway, we went to one more place to look, and the best we could come up with was…. guess…..  yep.  Spider-woman.  So, Spider-Woman Chloe will be!

DSC_2549 DSC_2550

The kids had a fun day at school (Chloe had Fall Fling and Cole had his parade), and as soon as it got dark enough, we lit our pumpkin and hit the streets for some trick-or-treating.  It was fairly chilly outside, so we went to all the houses we knew close by.  We also went by Mrs. Bittick’s  house (Chloe’s teacher’s aide that lives in our neighborhood), so that was a special treat.  Then, we headed back home and handed out candy the remainder of the night.  We feasted on our traditional chili meal and let the kids eat way too much candy.  Surprisingly, though, we had them both in bed a little after 8:00 – late for a school night, but not late for a Halloween night.


Cole’s School Parade

Today was Cole’s Halloween school parade.  I don’t guess he thought I was going to be there (??), but when his class walked through and he saw me, he lit up.  He was beaming and very excitedly said, “Hey Mommy!” while waving at hard as he could.  Super, super cute!

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight was our annual pumpkin carving night.  Usually we carve pumpkins the night before Halloween, but Matt was going to be out of town.  So, we bumped it up a couple of nights.  Uncle D was still in town, and he and Matt went to the Titans game this afternoon.  Once they got back, we got to carving.  This year the kids wanted to carve a “scary” pumpkin – I think we succeeded!





Ghouls at Grassmere

Tonight we went to the Ghouls at Grassmere.  Both kids were very excited, but they were also worn out from a full day of play.  Cole just couldn’t stay awake and was snoring LOUDLY on the way.


This was our first year to go to the Halloween event at the Zoo, and I can’t believe we have never been.  The kids l.o.v.e.d it!!  They had so much fun, and even though it was a bitterly cold night, they didn’t let that stop them (it sure bothered me, though!).

IMG_1002[1] IMG_1003[1] IMG_1004[1] IMG_1005[1] IMG_1006[1]

Random Fall Break Pics

I didn’t do the best job taking pics the rest of the kids’ Fall Break, but we did have some fun.  After Radnor Lake and Dragon Park, we went to the Adventure Science Center one day.  The kids played with the neighbors several days, and Hallie came over to watch a movie one night.  The next night we had a family movie night, and then Matt went back to work on Thursday.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather this week, so the remainder of the week was spent outdoors playing.  Uncle D came in town to visit Mom and Dad and stayed with us, so the kids loved having him in town.  I know I’m missing some things that we did, but that’s just what happens when I’m so far behind on my blog!  We were able to get to the hospital once to see Papa, and we were able to pick Pappy up a couple of times for lunch.  Again, the kids loved that!



Dragon Park

The kids wanted to go to Dragon Park today, and we couldn’t say no because the weather was just too perfect.  And even better, Mom was able to get away from the hospital for a little bit and meet us there.  We all enjoyed being outside and getting some fresh air.



Staycation and Radnor Lake

Matt decided to take off the majority of this week since the kids are on Fall Break.  We had several ideas of places to go, but we decided not to go anywhere with everything that is going on with Dad right now.  We decided to just hang out at home and do some fun things with the kids.

We decided to start the week off with a hiking excursion to Radnor Lake.  Chloe was not too keen on the idea, but she ended up enjoying the day more than anyone.  We walked around Radnor Lake for a couple of hours collecting leaves, taking pictures, and looking for wildlife.  The weather was perfect, and the leaves were changing making for a beautiful day.







While we were hiking we were talking about how we haven’t taken any pictures of my belly.  My last two pregnancies we took a picture at least every month.  This pregnancy has just gotten away from us.  So, we made sure we got some pics today.  Now, I realize one reason why I haven’t taken any pictures…..I’m huge!  I’d rather not have pictures of this!




After the hike, we headed to Edwin Warner for a picnic lunch where the kids did some more exploring.











I was completely exhausted at the end of the day, and Cole was too.  He fell asleep on the way home and was snoring!  We all rested and then got ready and met Pappy, Papa Rod, Ninnie and Big Poppa at Sperry’s for Papa Rod’s last big meal before his stay at the hospital.  It was a very fun day and dinner!