I’m Back!

I have been without a computer for a full month, and the four to five months previous, I only had a computer when it decided to turn on and then would just shut down on its’ own when it decided.  I have been doing everything from my iPad and my phone.  As much as I love both of them, some things are just easier to do on a computer – blogging included.  So, I have had LOTS of catching up to do, and hopefully I will NEVER get this behind again!


Late Birthday Dinner

After the week we’ve had, the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner.  We had planned on getting a good dinner to celebrate my birthday from Wednesday (since Matt was out of town), but we were all so worn out we just decided to go right down the street to Burger Up.  While waiting for a table, Matt and Cole bonded outside with some books.



What a Week!!!!

It all started last Monday.  After school.  We got Chloe home from school, and we were sitting down to do homework at 4:00.  She went to the pantry to get a snack, reached up to grab some food, and accidentally hit a can of black beans…. which landed right on her big, left toe. OUCH!!  I looked down, and it was immediately purplish-black.  Chloe fell to the floor screaming and crying.  She was in so much pain, and I knew she was hurting really bad.  Through her screaming tears, she let me know she wanted to go lay down.  So, I carried her to the couch and tried to get her situated with pillows, a blanket, and some ice. She wouldn’t keep the ice on her toe because I guess it was hurting it more.  I could not get the child settled down.  She was rolling around, crying, screaming, and I felt so bad for her.  After 20 minutes of this, I went and got the Tylenol and gave her some.  After 20 more minutes, and me not knowing what to do to get her to settle down, I finally decided to pour some bath water and let her sit in the tub.  I had to talk her into getting into the tub, but once she finally agreed, she started to settle down a bit.  And by a bit, I mean she stopped screaming.  She did NOT stop crying.  I made her soak in the tub for a while, and it was 5:30 once I got her out, dressed, and comfortable on the couch.

The rest of the night was pretty much a disaster.  She cried on and off all night long.  And mind you, I have just gotten back from Key West and am totally worn out, and Matt is also out of town for the week.  It was after 11:00 before I finally got her to sleep.  We did wake up in the middle of the night for a while, too.  It was a very long night.  Here is her toe immediately after the accident (which doesn’t look that bad), and here she is in the bed red-eyed from crying.



The next morning (Tuesday), her toe looked awful.  I wish I had gotten a picture of it, but I forgot.  It was completely swollen, more purple and black, and she could not put any pressure on it.  Her toenail was so swollen it was pushing her toenail away from the skin.  She was still very weepy but insisted she go to school.  I didn’t know what to do, so I took her to her teacher and told her what happened.  Mrs. Burford sent me to the school nurse to have her take a look at it.  She wasn’t that much help, but she told Chloe to just go home and rest.  Chloe started crying because she said she couldn’t miss school, so the nurse said she could stay.  Again, not knowing what to do, I let her stay at school – as exhausted and as in pain as she was.

After school, it was the same thing.  She cried, couldn’t walk, and we were up several times throughout the night.  The next day (Wednesday, my birthday, not the best I’ve ever had!) – the same thing.  She insisted she go to school. She did NOT want to miss school even though she can’t walk and hasn’t slept in two nights.  That afternoon when I picked her up, she was visibly limping, so when I got her home I noticed it was even more swollen and it was starting to turn red around her toe.  I called the doctor, and they wanted to see her first thing the next morning.  At this point I’m feeling really guilty for not taking her sooner!

So the next morning we head to the doctor (and Chloe is crying because she is missing school, but she is miserably in pain).  And what do we find out at the doctor???  Well, her toe is broken.  Darn it!!  Then, they had to drill a hole in her toenail to relieve the pressure, and when they did, blood shot out everywhere.  There was so much pressure built up in that toenail.  Chloe was pretty tough, but she still cried, and I know she was hurting.  It bled and bled for a long while.  The doctor finally got it under control, she bandaged the toe, and she said Chloe needed to be on antibiotics for 10 days.  Then she wrote her an excuse to miss PE and to be able to wear open-toed shoes to school.  The doctor also said Chloe needed to stay on pain meds around the clock to help with the pain until at least through the weekend.  She said it was Chloe’s choice whether or not to return to school, so of course, Chloe demanded she go.

That afternoon when I picked Chloe up, I could immediately tell she felt better.  She wasn’t limping as much, and when she got in the car, she told me it still hurt but felt better.  I was so happy and feeling pretty certain that we were over the worst of it and hopefully, hopefully, going to sleep through the night tonight.  So we get home, and it was so nice outside that we took homework and snacks outside.  Chloe went in to use the bathroom, and when she was walking back outside, she tripped on something in the living room and started screaming.  I ran to help her, and there was blood EVERYWHERE.  It was pouring out and covering both of her feet, and I was just trying to get her off the living room rug.  I got her outside and looked at the toe, and I thought I was going to be sick.  I was instantly nauseous.  Her entire toenail and all the skin around it had flapped open.  It wasn’t just the toenail, but a large portion of the skin around it as well.  I was getting so sick I couldn’t get a good look at it.  Matt was on his way home but several hours away, so I called him and he told me to call the doctor.  I called the doctor and she explained that it probably looked more gruesome than it actually was.  She said the most important thing was to get the bleeding stopped, and if I didn’t think it looked right, to bring her in tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Well, the rest of the afternoon was complete drama.  Chloe was a wreck.  I couldn’t tell if she was really in that much pain, or if she was just freaking out because of all the blood and because of the way it looked.  I finally talked her into taking a bath, and that was just more drama.  When we got out of the bath right before bedtime, Matt got home – thank goodness!  I think he was a little surprised at how it looked, too.  Warning – gruesome pic ahead.  The dot on her toenail is the hole that was drilled in it this morning.  The line of blood around the toe is all the skin that had flapped open.




Yuck, huh?!?!  So, we finally get her settled to bed, but of course, we were up and down all night.  Thankfully, though, Matt was home tonight.  When we awoke the next morning, we looked at it while I was changing the dressing.  Matt agreed that she should probably go back to the doctor, so we headed that way.  The doctor made us feel better about it, and she said that’s why she put Chloe on antibiotics – in case something like this happened.  She played with the toenail, but she didn’t want to pull it off.  And, it was obvious that Chloe was still hurting.  The doctor bandaged her up really good and said we should be good to go.  I sure hope so!  What a week it has been!  And poor Chloe…..she is just worn out from 5 nights of little sleep and 5 days of intense pain.  Hopefully the antibiotic will start doing it’s magic and heal this toe quickly.  As for the broken toe, there is nothing that can be done, and time will heal.

Key West

I was able to get away with 7 other girls from college that I haven’t seen in a long, long while.  Now that we are all married with kids, we were ready for a getaway, and what better place than Key West?  It was very, VERY hot, but our house had a nice pool that we hung out at much of the days.  We also did our fair share of eating and drinking (me – water, of course).  I was really worried about being a party pooper and being sick and tired, but there was always someone willing and ready to go home when I was.  It was a fun and funny trip.  This is the most time I’ve spent with these girls since the good ol’ college days (except for Carrie), and ya know…. no one has changed a bit.  Other than being responsible adults with families, everything else seems to have stayed the same.  We all picked up right where we left off.  Saturday was the UT game, so we found a sports bar that had the game on.  That was fun – all 8 of us UT grads being together to watch the Vols!  Just like old times (except when we were in college together, we ALWAYS won!  We never lost!).

One funny thing to remember – among many other things – was when our group was out one night.  All 8 of us where sitting at a table, and a few young guys wondered over.  I think they were 22 to 23 years old.  They were trying to start a conversation with us, which we were clearly uninterested in.  They asked us what we were in town for, and we told them it was a college reunion.  They asked what reunion it was, and when we told them 15 years, you should have seen their faces!  Their mouths dropped and they could not contain their surprise at how “old” we were!  Ha!  They made up for it quickly, though, and said we didn’t look that old.  It was a rather funny moment!













20 Weeks

I can’t believe I’m already halfway through this pregnancy.  Whew!  And what a pregnancy it’s been.  I’m still tired.  I’m still sick – not as sick as I was – but I’m still struggling.  Matt and I have disagreed this entire pregnancy whether or not to find out the sex of this baby.  He wants to know.  I don’t.  We never reached a decision.  We were even discussing it this morning on the way to the ultrasound.  So, I was laying on the table today, and the technician started the ultrasound, and I just looked over at her and told her we didn’t want to know the sex.  Matt didn’t argue.  🙂  We did get to see pics of this sweet little baby in my belly.  I’ve been convinced it’s a girl (so has Matt), but when I saw the picture of his/her face, I’m not so sure.  It looks like a little Cole.  It has his little chin and thin, little lips.  So, now I don’t know what’s growing in there – but it sure did make us excited.  As sick as I have been, I needed to see that little baby in there!  It makes it all worth it.


Baby giving a thumbs up!