The Vols in Atlanta

We headed to Atlanta for the Labor Day weekend to see Carrie, Ryan, Layla, and the Vols!  We got in town Thursday afternoon and visited with the Alexander family for later than we should.  Then, we were up in the morning and excited about the game.  We all got ready and headed out to lunch then to downtown.  It was hot and crowded, but we found a good bar with a good table and best of all, full of Vol fans.  A. D. came and met us for a little while.  We hung out all day downtown until it was game time then headed to the Dome.  The game was fun, especially when we walked away with a win against NC State.  35-21.

After the game we dropped the boys off at a bar to meet up with some friends, and Carrie and I headed home.  She knew I was beat – what a great friend!  So, we got home, and in usual Carrie-and-Auburn fashion, we stayed up until after 3 a.m. talking.  When will we learn?  We just always have so much to talk about, though!  The boys got home around 2, and they couldn’t believe we were still up.  I’m not sure why they were surprised!  Then next morning we slept in a bit, chowed down on some Mexican for lunch, and then we hit the road.  Another good weekend and a fun Vols win!



Sick on the Second Day (and Daddy Volunteering)

Today was Chloe’s second full day of school, and I knew something wasn’t right putting her to bed last night.  She was extremely tired and weepy.  I thought it could be exhaustion from starting school, but it seemed a little more.  She was very slow moving this morning, coughing, watery, etc…  I sent her to school but made her an appointment for the afternoon right after school.  When I picked her up, she was happy and excited and said she had a great day, but I could still see she wasn’t quite herself.  We got to the doctor, and sure enough, she has a sinus infection!  She was given antibiotics to knock it out, so hopefully she can kick this and enjoy the beginning of school!

The best part of her day today, though, was her daddy volunteering at the school.  Chloe’s teacher asked for volunteers to help at lunch for the first week.  I wasn’t able to help because I had Cole, and Matt was working from home on this day, so he said he would help.  Chloe and I were so happy he was willing to help.  Matt said he enjoyed it – even though he was completely grossed out helping 21 Kindergartners open and eat their lunch.  It was an experience for him for sure!

Chloe’s First Full Day

Today was Chloe’s first full day of K with her entire class. I was able to walk her in today and stay for a few minutes. She was very quiet and shy but excited. When Cole and I were leaving, she seemed very happy. Cole went up to her and said, “Bye, Cwo-wee.”. Then he gave her the biggest hug and kissed her. It melted me. He sure is going to miss his big sister being around during the day. It hit me a little more today when we were leaving. It’s just really unbelievable that I’m walking out of school and leaving Chloe behind with her kindergarten class. As excited as I am for her, it’s still a little heartbreaking and hard to walk away from her. Thankfully, she didn’t mind our big hugs, kisses, and waves good bye.

Cole and I kept busy during the day, and we had to be back at school at 1:30 for a PTO meeting and ice cream social, so that shortened our day a bit. Cole could not wait to get Chloe (and some ice cream). She seemed to be excited to see us when her class walked in, and the parents met up with their their kids and helped fix their ice cream. I helped fix Chloe and Cole’s ice cream and got them settled at a table. Chloe and I were talking about her day, and she told me that she thought she was going to have a full day today. I told her she did and that it just went by fast. She then asked me if she was going to stay longer after I left. I told her no, she would be going home with me after ice cream. Then, she frowned and said she wanted too stay longer. Well!! At least she likes being there, right?!?

We continued to talk about her day and what she did. She bought her lunch today, so I asked her what she ate. She began telling me she had watermelon for a fruit, but it was yucky because it had black, crunchy things in it. I said, “You mean the seeds?” I don’t think the girl has ever eaten watermelon with seeds in it. I asked if she ate the seeds, and she said she did. So, I told her she needed to take them out next time. Poor thing!

After school we rushed home, got a snack, and got ready for gymnastics. After gymnastics, we had dinner, baths, read books, and it was 7:00. Around this time Chloe started to fall apart. The smallest things made her weepy, and she kept telling me how tired she was. She’s also battling a cold or allergies or something, so she’s got that working against her as well. I had her in bed before 7:30 with no complaints. Little girl was tuckered out. I know we have a big adjustment ahead of us, and we may have to make bedtime 7:00. I’m a happy momma, though, knowing she’s been so happy so far. She’s off to a good start. Fingers crossed it continues!


Chloe dear…. today was your first day of Kindergarten!!  And what a big day it was!  We went to bed last night with your clothes all picked out, your backpack and supplies all ready to go, and we had even figured out what you wanted to eat for breakfast.  I woke you this morning at 7:00, and surprisingly, you did not jump right out of bed like I thought you would.  You were actually quite a slow mover all morning talking about how you were “so tired.”  I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come, but I have a bad feeling that it is!

Because we went to bed so organized, and even though you were slow moving, we were all ready to go early.  We had plenty of time to step outside and take your first day of school pictures.  By this point you had gotten excited, and guess who was just as excited as you…. Cole!  He could hardly stand it he was so excited for you.  He followed you around all morning long talking about Kindergarten.  He also carried your rest mat around all morning for you (because it was the one thing that wouldn’t fit in your backpack).  He was a good helper and took some pictures of you, Daddy, and me on your first morning.


We got to school, which was a short day and a small group day.  This was the first time we met your teacher and your teacher’s aide.  We really liked both of them!  I think it’s going to be a good year.  We also met about 5 or 6 of your classmates.  After brief introductions, Mrs. Burford took your and your classmates pictures, and then you were lined up to go to class…..without Mom or Dad…. all by yourself.  That’s when I felt the knot rising in my throat.  I gave you a big ol’ hug and kiss (that didn’t seem to embarrass you one bit – thank goodness!), told you to have a great day, and watched you head on your way down that long, long hallway to your classroom.  And you know what?  You didn’t even turn around once to check on us.  Big girl!  Your daddy, Cole, and I walked back to the car, and we did pretty well.  Eyes were watery, but that was all.  Matt and I just kept looking at each other, and I just kept saying, “I thought we would be able to walk her to class.”  Silly, I know…. especially since I taught Kindergarten for several years!  It’s MUCH different being on the other side, though!

Chloe, go get ’em, big girl! Show ’em what you’re made of! Your daddy and I are your two biggest fans, and we are excited to watch you take on the world. Love you to pieces!!

Chloe and Addie

Since kindergarten is about to start, Chloe and Addie wanted to have one last sleepover before the beginning of the school year. Chloe went to Addie’s house for a campout, and the weather cooperated beautifully. It was even a little chilly! Christy sent me pics throughout the night, and even though the girls didn’t make it in the tent the entire night, they still had a blast. We meet the Ferris family for lunch to pick up Chloe, and she and Addie were so tired. Chloe was so beat she put her head down at lunch and asked if we could go home. She then took a two hour nap and still went to bed at 8:00. All that silliness and giggling must have really worn her out!