One Last Play Date

We got together with all of Chloe’s good Pre-K friends for one last swimming party before the end of summer and beginning of Kindergarten.  The moms got to hang out and catch up on what’s been happening all summer, and the kids picked up right where they left off.  They really enjoyed seeing each other and playing.  They sure are going to miss each other in the fall!


Another Tooth Gone!

After the t-ball celebration, we met Mom and Dad for dinner.  Chloe had a second tooth that was just hanging.  She took a bite at dinner and hit her tooth just right to almost knock it out.  Once again, her daddy took care of everything.  He turned that tooth and it popped right out!  Our waitress was as excited as all of us were.  She said that was the first time that’s happened to a table she was serving.  She helped us wrap it up in saran wrap so we wouldn’t lose it.  Now….. we can’t wait for another visit from the tooth fairy!



End of T Ball

Tonight we celebrated the end of t-ball.  Cole’s team met at the park and had a picnic with lots of food and playtime.  The kids had a blast and played hard, despite the heat.  At the end of the night, the kids were presented their trophies.  It was a fun night and Cole was very proud of his new trophy.




Not as in I-took-the-kids-to-get-new-haircuts, but as in Chloe-and-Cole-gave-each-other-haircuts.  Yep, it happened.  I thought the kids had outgrown the stage of cutting each other’s hair, but I was wrong.  This week is VBS at church, and the past two mornings have been a bit of a disaster getting out the door.  I decided today I would get everyone up extra early in hopes that the morning wouldn’t be so crazy.  So, I got the kids completely ready and put them in the bonus to watch t.v.  I was having a bad morning and was very sick.  I was in the bathroom for a while throwing up and quickly got ready.  I walked into the bonus, and the kids jumped and looked at me very guiltily.  Then, I noticed Cole had hair all over his shirt and the train table.  Chloe had the adult scissors in her hand.  Lastly, I noticed Cole’s hair.  Oh my!! It was butchered.  I was shocked.  My mouth dropped and I did not know what to do except say, “Cole!!  Your hair looks awful!”  I just couldn’t get over how terrible it looked and could only think there was no way to fix it. After about 5 minutes, the shock wore off, and I could not stop looking at Cole and laughing.  It was that ridiculous!  For the rest of the morning, Cole continued to say, “Chloe, you made my hair awful!”   He cut hers as well,but luckily he did not do to her what she did to him.  He only cut her a few bangs.  Whew!  We dodged a bullet there!


Celebrating the 4th

We were back at the lake for some family time during the July 4th weekend.  Dad just finished the first round of chemo since his cancer has returned, and even though he had to rest a good bit, we had a good time.  You will notice….. we had some very worn out little kiddos!