To Grandmother’s House We Go

Mom decided to take both kids for a few days to help me out and let me get some rest as well as to let me mark a few things off my to-do list.  Chloe and Cole were both so excited, and they had a great time.  Mom and Dad made sure the kids had a blast, and when they weren’t in the swimming pool, they were playing with Mize or taking trips to places like the Pink Palace, the movies, etc…  They were as happy as could be when they were returned to their daddy and me, and they are already looking forward to their next visit.




Charleston is my favorite southern city, and we were all so excited to head there for some sun and some sand and some FOOD!  Unfortunately, I was NOT feeling well the entire trip, but fortunately, I have a great husband and great in-laws that helped tremendously with my kids and let me sleep a large portion of the trip.  I took my camera on the trip, but I was feeling so lousy, I never even got it out of my bag.  Thank goodness Aunt Sarah and Daddy took some pics with their phone.

The kids had a blast.  They were so good and played so well.  Our house didn’t have a pool, and we were a little worried about that at first because they love the pool so much; however, it was much better that we didn’t have one.  We didn’t have to fight them to stay on the beach, and they played on the beach all day long.  Naps were scarce, but when they finally would nap, they would nap for hours because they were so worn out.

We ate at several nice restaurants, and I don’t think I could ever get tired of Charleston food.  We also met Mer and Sydney at the aquarium one day, and then they came out to our house another day and spent a few hours on the beach with us.  This was my/our first time to meet Sydney, and it was the first time Mer and I have seen each other since I was pregnant with Cole.  It was so nice seeing them and getting to catch up for a bit.

Matt was a trooper and really helped out with the kids.  He even sat with both kids on both flights so I could sleep.  It was a really nice family trip, and if I had to pick somewhere to be while sick, I would definitely pick the beach.  I wish we had a picture of the entire family together, but that never happened.  Bummer!

Swimming Lessons

For the last two weeks, Chloe and Cole have been taking swimming lessons everyday. They were able to take at the same time this year, so that made it much easier. We took from Coach Scott and his staff again, and I would recommend them to anyone. I think they all do a great job with the kids. Chloe and Cole both did very well, and they both loved it. I mean…. They LOVED it. All these kids want to do is swim. Not that that makes them any different from any other kid, but it makes me happy they like it so much. Swimming holds some of my fondest childhood memories, so I’m glad they enjoy it, too.

I knew Cole would do well, but he can hardly stay still long enough to listen to instructions. He just wants to go, go, go, which did him a disservice. I think he would have learned more if he were more patient, but he’s swimming on his own nonetheless. Chloe, on the other hand, totally surprised me. She picked it right up and is swimming all over the place. She’s jumping off the diving board and swimming in the deep end. Unlike her brother, she is very patient, attentive to details, and listens and follows directions very well. This definitely worked in her favor and allowed her to do her best.

Today was the last day of lessons, and parents were invited to watch and take pictures and videos. It was fun to watch them and see their improvement. They got their awards and medals at the end of the session, and they couldn’t have been more proud!


And here are a couple of videos….


Cole’s 1st T-Ball Game

It was a fun, or rather, funny game today; however, it was amazing to see what all the kids learned in one practice and one game. They did pretty well! Cole seemed to have fun, and he loved batting. He would much rather bat than play the field. We enjoyed the day, and we really like his coaches and teammates. It should be a fun summer event.

The Start of T-Ball

Tonight was Cole’s first t-ball practice. We signed him up through the Y, and his great friends Amelia and Simon are on his team, so that is an added bonus. His team is the Rockies.  He had fun tonight, and his coaches have their hands full. Almost all parents had to help. The players didn’t even know the bases, so they have lots of learning to do. We are looking forward to it!

First Farmers Market Trip of the Summer

Matt and the kids walked to the Farmers Market today, and I met them there later. When I got there, they were taking a break from their hike. I met them in the grass, and Matt and I watched them play and climb trees for a little while before loading up on some fruit and veggie goodness. One of our favorite things about the summer is the Farmers Market, and we are glad it’s back!