Double Rainbow

We had a nice summer storm tonight right at dinner time. We were eating at the table, and I was looking out the window at the sky. I knew the color of the sky looked perfect for a rainbow, so I grabbed the kids and headed to the front yard. When we got outside we saw a beautiful double rainbow. We stood in the rain for a couple of minutes just enjoying the view. A couple of our neighbors even walked out and stood in the rain with us. We love a good rainbow!




Just a summer night treat to Pinkberry where my kids were so sweet to each other. After Chloe gobbled down her yogurt, Cole shared the rest of his with his sister. Sweeties.




Room Destroyed

I could not get Cole to nap today. For some reason he just would not sleep. I tried as hard as I could, but to no avail. When I finally opened his door to let him “free,” this is what I found. His room was destroyed, but I guess he tried to make his bed?? Sort of?? He is such a little booger sometimes! 🙂


We literally decided today to go to the beach….today. After getting home from Abby and Tripp’s, we made a split decision to take off. In two hours we had everything packed, including the car, and took off around 4:00. I must admit, I did forget a few things, and it was a difficult trip getting there. We decided to stop in Montgomery for the night, but we could not find a hotel. Everything was booked because of something going on downtown. After a little drama at Embassy Suites, we decided just to drive the whole way to the beach. You kiddos did okay….until around 10:00. At this point we lost Cole. He was done riding in the car. He cried and cried and would not give it up to just fall asleep. He was in such a miserable state! Little did we know how sick Cole truly was, and he had the croup the entire week. Poor baby. But, we did make it to the beach around 11:00ish, and everyone was ready to crash!
Thank goodness the first night was the only real drama we had. The rest of the week was very nice with perfect weather. If only Cole hadn’t of gotten sick! The first two nights were pretty rough, and we actually got concerned a couple of times when Cole couldn’t catch his breath for coughing/barking. He suffered through it, though, and got over the worst of it by our third day.  It is obvious, in the following pictures, that he was sick, especially if he was laying on my at the pool.  And surprisingly enough, both kids passed out in the bed in the middle of the day.



You kids played so well, and this may have been our best trip to the beach with you yet. You were like little fish and enjoyed the beach and the pool so much. Daddy ended up working toward the end of the week, and we rented a car and came on home. It was a fun spur-of-the-moment trip and a fun way to start the summer.

Summer Kickoff

We have started the summer off right! Today we went to Abby and Tripp’s house along with Addie and Anderson. We moms got to talking and time got away from us, so instead of going to the pool we decided on the slip and slide instead. You kiddos sure didn’t seem care. You all had a blast!

Pre-K Graduation

Tonight was such a sweet and special night, and our whole family was very excited. I took a few pics of Chloe in her new dress before heading to graduation. I think she looked as pretty as can be!

Once we got to school (church), Matt and Cole went to get our seats while I took Chloe to get her cap and gown. I could not believe all of her classmates! They were sitting so nice and quiet dressed in their caps and gowns. It melted me. They looked so darn cute! I helped get Chloe dressed and told her to do a job, grabbed a quick hug and kiss, and went to sit with Matt and Cole while we waited for graduation to start. It was such a cute ceremony. The class walked out to the Pomp and Circumstance, and there was a sweet slide show before they performed. They sang “God has a Plan for Me,” and I don’t know what happened to me, but I was fighting back tears and eventually wiping tears. It came out of nowhere, and I was not expecting to feel so emotional. That song, though!! The teachers warned us it could make us cry, and they were right! After the performance everyone received his diploma, and the night ended with lots of picture taking.



To end the night, Chloe was able to pick where we dined for dinner. Her choice…. BrickTops. Geez….have we ruined her already? Oh well, it is her night. We let her order whatever she wanted, so she ordered chocolate milk (which we don’t allow at home, for various reasons). She guzzled it down, got a belly ache, and couldn’t eat her dinner. Not one bite. Her kid’s meal did come with ice cream at the end, and suddenly she felt like eating. So, her graduation dinner consisted of chocolate milk and ice cream. It would have given me a belly ache, too!  But despite the belly ache, she sure was proud of her tassel at dinner.


It was a really great night, and we had a fun day celebrating. Chloe, your daddy and I are so proud of you, and we loved watching you blossom this year. You learned so much, and we know you are ready for what’s ahead. We are very excited for you and looking forward to the next year, but you better not grow up on us too fast! We’d like you to slow down just a little. 🙂 We love you so very much! Now, we are going to enjoy the upcoming summer because we have a new set of adventures ahead of us…. Kindergarten!

Pre Graduation Celebration

Today is a big day!!! Chloe graduates from Pre-K tonight! After we got home from gymnastics, Cole, Daddy and I gave Chloe her gift for graduating. We gave her a dress to wear tonight, and she seemed to love it. She was very happy, and I think it made her feel big and special. I can’t wait to to see her wear it and her cap and gown!