We. Are. So. Tired.

Not only am I completely wiped out from the marathon and the staying up way too late with Carrie, but I guess my kids feel the same.  This is how Cole was sleeping when I checked on him at naptime.

And…. this is how Chloe was sleeping when I checked on her before going to bed.  Ha!


Tedeschi Trucks

After all the marathon excitement, we had more excitement.  Carrie, Ryan, and Layla made the trip into town by early afternoon.  We were able to make it to a late lunch together and walk around the Main St. Festival (which was much too hot).  We got home and tried to get the kids to nap, but that certainly didn’t work out.  We played and got ready, and Ms. Kristy, our next door neighbor babysitter that we LOVE, came over to keep the kids so the adults could have a night out.  We made it downtown to eat dinner and then headed to the Ryman for Tedeschi Trucks.  Wow!  What a show, and what an incredible gig they have going.  We made it home, and in our usual fashion, Carrie and I stayed up until 3 am talking.  We had a LOT to talk about and catch up on.  We finally made ourselves go to bed only to wake up at 7 with our kids raring to go.  I got Chloe off to school and shot these pics of Cole and Layla right before they headed out of town.  Our kids really do get along well and have so much fun together…. kinda like their parents!:)

CMM 2012 Weekend

It was another great weekend racing and celebrating 3 years of Hot Rod’s Hustlers.  Mom and Dad have been in town most of the week, so we’ve been staying pretty busy.  Thursday afternoon Matt and I went to the convention center to pick up our packets (which is always fun), and then we had Family Fun night at school.  Friday, we tried to take it easy as much as possible while the kids were at school.  That night, we met at Amerigo’s with some of the HRH runners to carbo load on as much pasta and bread as possible.  It was a good time, but we were all anxious to get home and in the bed for the big day ahead.

The alarm sounded at 4:15, but we were quick to hop up and get ready.  The kids spent the night with Ninnie and Big Poppa, so we didn’t have to worry about them.  Mom and Dad were with us, so we picked up A.D., and they dropped us off as close as they could get to the starting line.  Matt and A.D. lined up in their corrals, and I walked (back) to line up in mine and met up with Christy and Tim.  Everyone was very excited/nervous and ready to get going.  Tim ended up leaving us as soon as we crossed the starting line, and Christy and I stayed together for several miles before splitting up.  We saw Mom and Dad with their signs at around mile 1.5.  They were cheering us on, so that’s always good to see.  I ended up having a pretty good race.  I actually did better than I thought I would because I ended up slacking on training the last month.  My time was 2:08:21, and once again, the boys smoked it.  Matt’s time was 1:48:41, and A.D.’s time was 1:56:35.  As in years past, it was very hot, but we were able to finish before it got miserably hot.  Those poor full marathoners (Ree)!!!

After the race we hustled to clean up and head to Robert’s.  Once again, we had a really good turn out – better than I thought we would have!  We had lots of people to show up, and we ended up staying much later than we had planned.

We are so appreciative to everyone that donated money and ran with us.  This year we had 13 people cross the finish line.  We had more that had planned to run, but because of various reasons, they were unable but helped raise lots of money.  This year we raised $10,399, and we had great success with t-shirt sales.  We are so thankful for everyone that contributed to our team in some way.  We couldn’t have done this without the help of others.  Year 1 HRH raised $18,219, year 2 was $14,600, and year three was $10,399 for a grand total of $43,156 in three years to LLS.  That makes my heart swell!

After Robert’s A.D. came home with us and we hung out until it was time for….. yep, you guessed it…. Mexican!  We pounded some Mexican for dinner and struggled to keep our eyes open after dinner.  It was a great weekend and another successful year for HRH!

Papa Rod’s Birthday

Pappy and Papa are in town for the week for Vandy appointments and the marathon, and it just so happens to fall on Dad’s birthday.  They got in to town tonight and met us at soccer practice.  Then, we went to Porta Via for Dad’s birthday dinner.  At home, I had his favorite.  I made a (from scratch) key lime pie, and we celebrated and grubbed.  Happy 62 years, Dad!!

Kindergarten Registration

Really??  Kindergarten registration time??

It was a big, big day in the Kizer household.  Chloe got to leave school early, and her Pre-K teachers made the biggest deal of her leaving early for registration.  They were so happy and excited for her, and I was so happy they made a big deal of it.  So, Mommy, Daddy, and Chloe headed to school, and Chloe was so excited (and has been for days).  We pulled up to the school, and there was a 2nd or 3rd grade class walking by us heading to the playground.  Chloe absolutely froze in her tracks.  She all of a sudden became so nervous and wouldn’t move!  I had to grab her hand and drag her a few steps to get her moving.  Inside the school she remained just as shy for a long while.  We met the assistant principal and lots of teachers.  While I was doing paperwork, she and Daddy snacked on cookies and lemonade.  Then, she started to open up a little.  The assistant principal asked her if she wanted to go on a scavenger hunt, and she looked up at her with those big blue eyes and very quietly said, “Can my mommy go with me?”  Oh…. it killed me!

We went on the scavenger hunt and saw the entire school.  It seemed big to me, so I can only image how big it seemed to Chloe!  While on the scavenger hunt, we saw Hallie (next door neighbor) and two girls from her soccer team.  That made her (and me) feel more at ease seeing familiar faces.  At the end of the scavenger hunt, Chloe seemed much more at ease and confident.  I’ve tried to only focus on the positive about her starting K.  I’m excited for her even though I feel like this little chapter of life is closing.  I’ve so enjoyed being at home with her and having those days where we have no where to be and no where to go.  I’m bummed about that ending, and I’m bummed about having such a strict schedule to follow.  But, something else hit me today.  During the scavenger hunt, our guide showed us where I would drop Chloe off in the morning.  Not only do I not get out of the car to walk her in, but when she gets out of the car, she walks in the building by herself down this really long hallway, then turns left and goes down another really long hallway, then into the big meeting room where she finds her class.  I just can’t imagine her doing this all alone.  The child has done nothing alone in her entire 5 plus years of existence.  It hurts me a little to think of her jumping out of the car by herself and being on her way.  I was not expecting for something like that to hit me today.

Enough of that…. for now….  It was a good day, and I think we are going to like the school.  This picture is the scavenger hunt and activities worksheet Chloe completed.  She was quite proud!