Dirty Cole

The pictures do not do Cole justice, but he gets so, so, so dirty at school.  His class goes to the playground everyday (weather permitting), and today I snuck up on him to catch a peek.  He loves rolling around in and on everything possible.  Here he is on the slide, and he took as many rocks down with him as he could.

And here are some after shots…. YUCK!  (And Cole very much needing a haircut!)


School Egg Hunt

The kids had their egg hunts at school today, so I went early to watch and hang out with the other moms.  Chloe and her three BFF’s, Addie, Hallie, and Maillie all posed for me to get this cute shot.

Then, I saw Cole’s class on the playground, so I snuck over to say hi to him (on the slide before he saw me).

Cole Talk

No pics in this post.  I just wanted to remember some of things Cole is saying lately that makes us smile.

He calls the dining room the “diamond room.”

He LOVES his bike and cannot ride it enough.  It is a “Cars” bike with Lightning McQueen and Mater (another thing he loves) that he calls “my racing caws” (racing cars) bike.  He asks us all the time if he can go ride his “racing caws bike” in the “pole-de-sac” (cul-de-sac).

Chloe and I walked into Cole’s room to wake him up from nap one afternoon.  He opened his eyes and smiled at me really big.  Then, he saw Chloe and looked at her and said, “Cwo-wie!  My fave-wit fweind!”  (“Chloe!  My favorite friend!”)  Warms my heart!

We were leaving church last Wednesday night, and Cole’s teacher gave him a snack to take home with him.  He already had a snack in his hand that his other teacher gave him, so she said, “What can we do with this extra snack?”  Cole very excitedly and loudly answered, “I know!!  I can give it to my sister!”  Not only did I think that was so incredibly sweet of him, but it is the first time I’ve ever heard him refer to Chloe as his sister.  He always just calls her “Cwhoa-ee” (which is Chloe to someone who can’t say the “l” sound).

We were riding in the car recently, and Chloe was singing loudly.  Cole kept asking her to stop, but she kept singing just to aggravate him.  He got really mad and all of a sudden yelled at her, “Stop singing!  Don’t you understand???”

I was putting Cole to bed, and it was a long night after getting home from church late.  Wednesday nights are always rushed because we don’t get home until after 7:30, the kids are starving because they ate dinner at 5:00, and they need a bath.  So, I’m usually in a hurry to get them in the bed as quickly as possible.  I was putting Cole to bed, and I thought he was stalling like he usually does. Our conversation went like this….

Cole:  But Mommy!  I want to pway!

Me:  No Cole.  We will play tomorrow.  Right now it’s bed time, and we have to go to sleep.

Cole:  No Mommy!  I want to pway!

Me:  (getting frustrated)  No Cole.  You are in the bed and you are not going to play.  It is time to go to sleep!

Cole:  (getting frustrated as well).  No Mommy!  I don’t want to pway.  I want to pway!!

Then it hit me.  In my rush to get the kids to bed, we hadn’t said our good night prayers.  He wanted to pray.  I felt so bad but so proud he remembered!  Sweet boy.

And one of my favorites lately…. he calls his soccer shin guards his “cigars.”

More Soccer Games

Since our games were rained out last week, we were ready for Saturday to get here so we could play some soccer!  Both kids were equally as excited, and Cole just made us laugh.  Cole – definitely the smallest on his team – ran hard and fast.  But, he just doesn’t care about going after the ball.  He runs as hard and as fast as he can, but he just goes in circles around the others.  We cannot get it in his head that he needs to run and kick the ball into the goal.  It’s hilarious!  We’re hoping it will click soon!

After Cole’s game we hustled to another field to get ready for Chloe’s game.  She did really well.  She hustled, but she’s not the most aggressive player.  She is one of the smallest players on her team, too, so I think she may be a little intimidated.  All that being said, though, she hung in there, played hard, and ran fast.  We were impressed with how she did, and best of all, she loved it.  She had the best time and was so proud of herself for playing so hard.