No Cole Allowed

Pappy and Papa Rod got Chloe a new mattress for her birthday, and it is much softer, much more comfortable, and much taller than her old mattress.  The kids love it, and of course, Cole loves jumping on it.  It was starting to get on Chloe’s nerves (and mine, too, because Cole keeps falling off and I’m afraid we’re going to end up in the ER).

So today, Chloe asked for a piece of paper.  This is what she drew.  It is a picture of she and Cole on her bed with a big X through it.  Oddly enough, though, they both have the biggest smiles on their faces.  And, if you can’t tell, she got the tape herself and taped to her door.

Her message reads:  Noe Cole ullow

Now, the teacher (and the mom) in me is pretty darn proud.  How close she was to the correct spelling of “No Cole allowed”


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