That’s the best way I know how to spell it the way it sounds….

We were packing for the Labor Day/game day weekend, and Cole saw me packing our orange clothes. He ran up to me and said, “Mommy! I need my “georgie!” Of course, I answered with, “You need what?” To which he replied, “My Georgie!” I had him repeat it a couple more times, and I was clueless to what he was saying. Cole cannot say his “r’s” or his “l’s” so sometimes we struggle to understand him, but this one I could not figure out. He was adamant about me packing his “georgie,” and finally he said, “My georgie! Like Daddy’s!” Then it clicked. He wanted his JERSEY! His UT jersey that he wears to every game, just like his Daddy’s.

Now, we are probably doing more harm than good, but I cannot call his jersey anything other than a “georgie.”  It’s one of my favorite Cole-isms!

Another good one – Pappy and Papa brought Cole back a kangaroo from Australia. He sleeps with it at every nap and every night. If we can’t find it, it is a disaster. He loves his kangaroo – but in Cole language, it is a kangaroof. We’ve tried to correct this, but to no avail. Kangaroof it is!



Even though my birthday was last week, this was really my birthday present.  Matt had to work in Vegas all week, so Thursday (when his conference was over), I flew out to spend the rest of the weekend with him alone.  Mom and Dad are at my house keeping the kids – they’ve been there all week helping me move Cole into his big boy room (more on that later!), so this is a mini vacation for us.  I’ve only been to Vegas one other time before, but we thought it might be fun to go back…. And we were right!!  We had such a good time.  Once I got there, I realized how much we needed some time to hang out.  While we missed our kids tremendously, it was really nice to be able to eat, talk, and sleep – without interruptions!

We gambled a little, and I’m not really that into gambling, but the first night we played Black Jack with some of Matt’s work friends, and we were winning some dough!  It was fun!!  We ended up pretty much losing it while playing throughout the weekend, but we won betting on college football games and made out about even.  The majority of the weekend was spent walking around, sight seeing, hanging at the pool, eating  (we ate very well!), and touring our hotel.  We stayed at the Cosmopolitan, and that place was amazing/crazy!  I sure didn’t fit in with my jeans and walking boot (stress fracture).  We did run into some college friends, and that was fun.  We also hung out a couple different times with a girl that works with Matt and her husband, and that was fun, too.

pool time!

It was a really nice time, but by Sunday, we were ready to get home and see the kids.  Matt had been gone since the Sunday before, so he was completely homesick and ready to see them.  We were greeted very well when we saw them, so I think they may have missed us, too!


Today was my 34th birthday, and it was a pretty normal day. Got Chloe off to school, ran, showered, then Christy called me and cussed me for not telling her it was my birthday and finding out on FB. She then insisted we meet for lunch, so twist my rubber arm – we met for some Mexican. She treated me to my favorite!

I had a parent meeting to attend tonight at Chloe’s school, so it was almost 8:00 when I got home. The door was locked, so I had to knock…. and knock…. and knock. Then, Chloe, Cole, and Matt opened the door wearing party hats. There were balloons everywhere, and the kids were wild!!! The house was completely cleaned, and Matt was grilling steaks and cooking mushrooms and baked potatoes. Wow – Super Dad!! The food was delish, and we finally let the kids get down and go play while we finished eating in peace – they were totally off-their-rockers wild! It was too much excitement for them!

We finished the dinner with birthday cake, and Matt and the kids gave me a sweet card and a copy of “Us Weekly” – my guilty pleasure. I can always count on that on a special occasion! It’s the simple things.

Thank you, Matt, Chloe, and Cole for not only making my birthday extra special, but also for making every day special. Y’all are the best, and there was nowhere I’d rather be tonight than hanging at the kitchen table with all of you!

It’s Football Time in Tennessee!!

Matt and I decided middle of the week that we were going to head to Knoxville for the Cincinnati game.  Ninnie and Big Poppa weren’t going, so they said the kids could stay with them.  We then decided to make a weekend out of it and call it my pre-birthday celebration.  We left Friday afternoon and made it to Knoxville in time to get a good dinner in Market Square.  Wow – how it has changed.  Such a fun, cool area!

The next day (after sleeping until 9:30!!!), we got ready and met up with Zach and Angie.  We had lunch with them and then headed to tailgate.  Soon, it was time for some Big Orange football!

We sat in Mom and Dad’s seats – which were great – and saw a great game.  It was also the 10th anniversary of 9/11, so there were lots of touching stories on the Jumbotron.  The weather was perfect also.  It was so much fun being back in Neyland cheering on the Vols.  I sure do miss football Saturdays in Knoxville!


After the game and our big win, we headed to the Old City for old times’ sake.  Matt, Carrie, and I spent many a night there when Matt and I first started dating while Carrie and I were finishing up grad school.  Lots of memories there!

We woke Sunday morning and were ready to hit the road to see our kiddos.  We missed them, but had a nice weekend away – and actually – I can’t wait to back for another game!

Labor Day Weekend

As soon as the first day of preschool was over, we loaded up and headed to the lake for Labor Day.  Both kids got a good report from school, and they both said they had so much fun; however, they were completely worn out!  We were not on the road to long when I looked back and saw this…

It wasn’t too long after I took that pic that I was looking the same way.  I met Christy at 4:15 a.m. this morning for a 10 mile run and couldn’t keep my eyes open!  We rested up and made it to the lake in time to grill out with Pappy, Papa, and Uncle D.

The next day we were lazy and then hit the water for a quick ride.  It was too hot to stay out too long, but more importantly, we had football to watch!!

We had the game day flag out!

After boating we got the kids to nap, then we were all ready for some Big Orange football!  We played outside while Matt grilled to pass the time of the weather delay.

It was a late night, but a fun night.  The next morning, when we were packing up, we looked on Mom and Dad’s bed.  Chloe and Cole were so quiet watching t.v.  Something had them mesmorized – probably Scooby Doo or Calliou – their new favorites!

Pre-K Bound!!!

I really cannot believe that Chloe is in Pre-K…. and that next year she will be in Kindergarten.  Really???  I have anxiety already just thinking about it.  But…. I’ll save that for later.  I just really cannot believe what a big girl Chloe is.  And, she is so excited and happy to start.  We met her teachers last week at Open House, and she will go to school Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  She has lot of learning activities/centers/baskets/etc., that remind me of my teaching days.  Her teachers are great, and I think Chloe is going to love this year.  She is meeting lots of new friends this year, but she also has Addie, Maillie, Hunter, and Thompson in her class again – so that is a big bonus for her!  Here is her first day of school shots…

Cole is just as excited about school as Chloe – which is a great thing!  His teacher from last year, Ms. Sharon, moved up with his class, so he will have her again.  He LOVES Ms. Sharon, so we have all been excited about her teaching him again.  He will go to school on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Here are his first day pics – bumps, bruises, scabs, and all!

And… my precious kiddos together!