First HS Football Game

Tonight we took the kids to their first high school football game.  Matt wanted to walk to the game (the h.s. is only a mile from our house), but I was less than thrilled about going.  I also didn’t want to walk the two miles round trip because I was wanting to save my legs for my long run in the morning.  But, we compromised and drove to the game.  The weather couldn’t have been better, and the kids really did enjoy themselves.  I think my favorite part of the game/night was seeing all the orange in the stands – it was wear orange for Pat Summit day.  We only stayed for the first half, but the kids are ready to go back for more!


Summer Treats

Just another summer night that consisted of some frozen yogurt.  This time it was PinkBerry.  I think we could eat at a different yogurt place every night of the week if we wanted.  We’re surrounded, and there’s another being built right down the road.  The kids absolutely love it, and Chloe will often order different flavors and toppings; however, without fail, Cole ALWAYS orders chocolate yogurt with gummy bears.  Yuck!  But just look at this face – pure joy!  And pure mess!


We headed to Atlanta to spend the weekend with Carrie and Ryan sans kiddos!!  My Morning Jacket was playing Saturday night, so that (and A. D.) motivated us to make the trip.  Needless to say, we had a great weekend hanging with some good ol’ friends.  The show was really good, and so was the company!  Wish I had had my camera or phone in tow!


Pappy and Papa Rod’s

We traveled home to Pappy and Papa Rod’s to spend the week with them before school started.  We had a nice, relaxing time that consisted mostly of swimming in the mornings and afternoons.  We did have time to see “The Smurfs” at the movie theater and time to do a little shopping, but we enjoyed hanging out at the pool most of the time.  The kids loved riding with Uncle Austin and Mize on the prowler, and they begged to see Mize every day.


Sleepy Chloe

I’ve written about this before, but I had to post these pictures.  I always check on the kids before going to bed, and I usually get a good laugh when I enter Chloe’s room.  I’m glad my phone is usually in my hand to capture her crazy sleeping positions.

Surprise Visit!

Carrie called this week, and they were driving through town to visit Ryan’s parents, so she asked if they could spend the night on the way.  YES!!!  It was a quick visit, but it was a lot of fun.  Naturally, we stayed up too late, but that’s just the way we do it!  The kids were outside playing, and it was a full moon.  I ended up getting this great shot of Chloe, Layla, and Cole checking out the view!

Cool Temps

We FINALLY had a day of cool weather where it wasn’t completely miserable to be outside.  So, I pulled out the paper and paints and let my kids go at it.  They love to paint, so I thought this would be something they would enjoy.

Well, they did enjoy it…. a little too much.  Even though I had a big talk with Cole about not painting himself or Chloe, that is exactly what he did.  I was unable to get any pictures of that because I was being extremely careful getting him into the house and cleaned off before he could ruin anything.