A Perfect Fit

Cole will empty the toy box and crawl in when it’s empty.  It’s a perfect fit.


Good Company

The Ross family came over for dinner tonight, and we had really planned on making it to the neighborhood pool, but instead with got comfortable in the back yard with our drinks, some music, and some food.  And what kid would want to go to the pool when you have a “redneck git-up”  like we do???  As usual, Jake and Cole got along well and had a LOT of fun squirting each other with the water guns.  They are so fun/funny to watch!

At the end of the night the kids found some jelly beans – I guess in the toy box?  No clue.  But they were so happy to have found them and gobbled them up.  And the parents didn’t really try to stop them.  Even after all that sugar, these kiddos had NO trouble falling asleep tonight!

Ice Cream Mustache

The kids have been in VBS all week at church, so afterwards today we had lunch with Luke, Addie, Anderson, Parker, and Hunter.  We treated all the kids to ice cream once they finished lunch.  Miss Christy, Miss Jessica, and I looked over at Cole and could not quit laughing.  He had the strangest, yet funniest, ice cream mustache.  It was a vanilla mustache, and on top of that was a chocolate mustache – two perfect lines of vanilla and chocolate….. not to mention all the ice cream on his shirt!

I tried to get a second picture, but the vanilla had already been licked off at this point.  Can’t say I much blame him!

Making Do

I didn’t have a swim diaper for Cole today, and Christy didn’t either, so we just “made do” with what we had.

Cole’s diaper was so heavy (I think it weighed more than he did!) by the end of it all and it was hanging so low that his privates were starting to show at the top.  We could not stop laughing at him, but it did not slow him down in the least!


The Fuson’s invited us over tonight, and we had a FEAST and a blast!  Joey had been smoking food all day, so we got over there as soon as the kids were up from nap.  I didn’t get any pics of the action, but Maillie, Chloe, and Cole had so much fun on the slip n slide.  They played outside while Joey and Matt worked on the meat, and Lacey and I rotated from the kitchen to the back patio back to the kitchen.  We mostly chatted while the men did the cooking, and sweet Gwyneth slept through mostly everything!  When the kids were finished with the slip n slide, we brought them in and put on their dry clothes.  Mae realized that she had the same dress that Chloe brought to wear, so she put it on and they were loving it!  Cute girls!

Once the kids dried out, we feasted on just about every type of meat imaginable, plus some great sides that Lacey cooked.  It was a great meal!  We ended with dessert and stayed until the kids were just about tuckered out – much past their bedtimes.  After saying our good-byes, we had no trouble whatsoever getting our kiddos to bed!

July Fourth at the Lake

I did a horrible job at taking pictures this weekend, and actually didn’t even get my camera out of the case!  All of these pictures are from Aunt Danie, so thank you for sharing these with us, Dana!

I did capture these next few pics with my phone, but I do have to say…. Pappy did this to Cole.  Not me!  Cole was being B-to-the A-to-the D this morning, so we (or Pappy) made sure he got a little time out.  He did not quite no what to think, especially since everyone was looking at him and laughing.  It was all in good humor (to the adults anyway), so please no phone calls to DCS!