Swimming Graduation

It has been a very BUSY two weeks with two VBS’s (our church and Chloe’s friend invited us to his church), the last week of summer school, Cole’s morning swimming lessons (which were Mommy and Me classes), and Chloe’s afternoon swimming lessons.  Whew!  I put some mileage on my car this week!  But it was all worth it, and Chloe and Cole did so well with their swimming lessons.

Now, Cole has been a little fish from the start.  The boy has no fear and runs and jumps into the water before I can find him.  I’m a nervous wreck until I get his floaties on him.  Because of his age, we could only take the Mommy and Me swimming lessons.  I told the instructor how I thought he could benefit from moving to the next class, but it wasn’t allowed because of his age.  So, we started the Mommy and Me, and once the instructor saw Cole in the water, he understood what I was trying to tell him.  Cole ended up being the “example” to show all the other kids what to do, and at the end of the week, Cole was swimming.  He was the only one in class to slide down the slide into the deep end, and he LOVED it.  I’m still a nervous wreck when he has his floaties off, but he really did learn a lot and enjoy the class.  The most difficult part was getting him to float on his back.  I could not get him to lay still long enough to actually float.  All he wanted to do was roll over and start swimming.  I wish I could have gotten some action shots of Cole, but it was impossible since I was in the water with him.  At the end of the week, he received a medal, and he was one proud little boy!  These pictures just make me want to squeeze him!




If I sound like I’m being boastful about Cole’s swimming abilities, I’m not.  It just amazes me how confident he is in the water…. because…. his older sister is NOT!  She is so timid and scared in the water.  She doesn’t even like to put her head underwater, and we CANNOT get her to jump off the side into the pool.  So, I was a little concerned about how she would do with two weeks of swimming lessons.  But….  WOW!!  She learned so much and did so well!  She is like a different child!  After the first day, I was completely shocked at how she was swimming underwater.  Such a big girl!

On the last day of the two week course, parents were able to watch the entire 30 minutes.  Again, I was amazed at everything she learned!  She was swimming underwater, jumping off the diving board, and swimming in the deep end to the side.  She was so very proud of herself!

Coach Ally hugging Chloe and giving her her medal.

And, I just love this next pic of ChloBelle.  She is so proud and just looks so darn sweet!


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