Sleepy Head

Every night when I check on the kids before going to bed, I never know what I’m going to get.  I’ve gotten some good laughs over the positions I’ve seen Chloe in the past couple of nights.



Three different doctor visits, one day spent in the ER, two xrays, one cat-scan, two prescriptions, and countless medical bills later, doctors are still baffled as to what is wrong with Matt.  At least we know what it is not:  kidney stones, spleen, gallbladder, appendix, heart, or tumors.  At least that gives us a piece of mind.  He will kill me for this picture, but I couldn’t resist.  🙂

Busted Up

Cole had a pretty rough ride home from Atlanta.  He was very, very tired, but we got caught in Atlanta traffic, so most of his nap was taken while I was sitting on the Atlanta interstate.  I could not make the kid happy.  No matter how much food, drinks, toys, books, or movies I put on, he was unhappy!  We FINALLY got home and he was so happy to be out of the car.  I fixed his dinner and let him play outside while he ate (since he had been strapped in the car seat so long).  He had one bit of dinner and was walking over to me and tripped and fell on the aggregate patio.  He busted his lip, tongue, and nose and bled pretty badly.  The next day he was a swollen mess.  Poor baby.


Layla Time!

I met Mom and Dad halfway Sunday afternoon and handed Chloe over to them for the week.  Chloe was excited about the trip and going to VBS at Pappy and Papa’s church.  Matt left Monday for the entire week, so I got to thinking….. what can Cole and I do for the week???  We needed to do something fun because it’s not very often (or ever) that the two of us have the week together.  So, I called Carrie and pretty much invited myself and Cole to Atlanta for the next few days!!  Carrie had just “retired” from her job, so she had nothing going on and was ready to celebrate.  So, we hit the road and headed to Hotlanta!  We had such a good time and pretty much hung out and chatted the entire time.  Carrie was a great host, and Layla and Cole got along so well.  They played so great together and really enjoyed each other’s company.  I think our biggest issue was maybe the kids not wanting to share every so often???  And yep, if that was our biggest issue, then we really didn’t have any issues at all!  It was such a laid back trip, but we are still having trouble in one area – Carrie and I stay up entirely TOO late!  We just have so much talking to do that we have trouble making ourselves go to bed!  Thankfully, other than Layla waking up one night, our kids slept until around 8:30 both mornings.  I did hate that Chloe missed out on the trip because I know she would have really wanted to see Carrie, Ryan, and Layla.  So, now we are working on planning our next get together.  We need to always keep something on the calendar, especially now that our kids have as much fun hanging out as the adults do!

Bonnaroo 2011

Cole loves his guitar.  That has to be one of his favorite toys.  He also loves music.  When we turn on a music DVD, he is usually mesmerized.  And, he always goes and grabs his guitar and “plays” and sings along.  Tonight we hooked up the iPad to the t.v. and watched Bonnaroo live.  Cole was loving it!

Italian Feast

Tonight we met all of the Kizer family at Mangia for a huge Italian feast.  I forgot how many courses of food we had, but we started eating at 6:00 and didn’t finish until 9:00 or 9:30???  It was a fun night full of great food.  After dinner, Uncle Mitch and Aunt Sarah came over, and we had a dance party and chatted until late, late into the night.  Fun times!