Matt took off work today, so we had a lazy, chill day at the house and the pool.  The kids and I were both happy to have him home for the day.


Memorial Day Weekend

I’m two months plus behind on my blogging, so this will have to be mostly a picture post.  I will say that we had a great weekend, and we were so excited to see Pappy and Papa Rod after their month long excursion to Australia and New Zealand.  We spent the weekend listening to their stories, and it sounded like they had a wonderful time.  The rest of the weekend was spent eating, boating, and hanging out on the Pickwick Party Deck.  The weekend was cut short, though, because Aunt Danie’s sweet grandfather passed away.  We were so sorry to hear of this.  His cancer had recently returned and then he got pneumonia, so we were all sad about Mr. Walker.  Even though our hearts were heavy, we were happy to be together.

Chloe’s New Haircut!!

Chloe has finally agreed to get a haircut!!  I’ve been trying to get her to cut it for months now, but she says no.  She keeps telling me she wants it long, so I’ve let her have her way.  She says she wants “long hair like Aunt Danie’s,” but I haven’t had the heart to tell her it doesn’t look like Aunt Danie’s!  So, Monday, I was driving and out of the blue Chloe says, “Mommy, I want a haircut.”  I excitedly exclaimed, “Really???”  And when she smiled and said yes, I picked up my phone right there and called Bonnie, the girl who has been cutting my hair for the past 8 years.  Chloe knows Bonnie and I knew she would do a great job, but unfortunately, Bonnie didn’t have an opening for several weeks.  I found a cute little salon right down the road and hoped Chloe would get a good, cute, short cut.  Here’s a picture of the before (w/ my phone)….

And after cutting off more than seven inches, here is the after picture….

I just LOVE it!  It looks so much better, thicker, and cuter, and Chloe is very proud of her new do herself!  And, I guess I don’t have to tell who went crazy over the new do – Pappy!  I think she likes it more than anyone!

And, Chloe’s scab on her face is from Cole (shocker!).  He tossed a broken mirror piece, and it hit her in the face and punctured her skin.  It bled, and bled, and bled, and bled….  I think this one is going to leave a scar.

More Vaseline

I was so mad.  I.  WAS. SO. MAD.  I was so mad I couldn’t even bring myself to take pictures of the damage Cole did to his room.  I had removed anything that could ruin anything in his room after his previous behavior(s) while making the transition to the big boy bed.  Well, after he got sick, I used the Vaseline to take his temp, and I guess I let my guard down and left the Vaseline in his room out of his reach…. or so I thought it was out of his reach.

Cole climbed onto his rocker, pull himself up on his dresser, and grabbed the LARGE tub of Vaseline.  And it was EVERYWHERE.  I’m writing this a month later, and I am still finding globs of Vaseline stuck in random places.  I didn’t realize one tub of Vaseline would go that far.  There were clumps on the carpet, on all his furniture, walls, clothes, shoes, and his nice rocking chair is even more ruined than it previously was.  There is no way to salvage it.  One day it will just have to be recovered.  He put Vaseline on all his puzzles and puzzle pieces and ruined many of his books.   And Vaseline is VERY difficult to clean up!

He was so covered in Vaseline it took me 3 days to get it out of his hair, and I washed his hair twice everyday.  His skin was greasy for a good 2 days.

Again, I was so mad.  So, so, so mad.  A month later and I’m doing better, but I still get mad every time I look at that chair!

Cicada Invasion

GROSS!!!  I am so tired of cicadas, and I just heard yesterday that we have 5 more weeks to go?  It is unreal.  Tim, Christy, Luke, Addie, and Anderson had us over for dinner Saturday night since Matt was sick, and they have even more than we have.  They were so loud that we had to raise our voices to be heard outside.  And, when you would walk back inside, our ears would be ringing.  No exaggeration.  It is the craziest thing.  And, they will randomly fly and land on you or close to you.  At first, the kids were intrigued by them.  They would pick them up, touch them, play with them….  But now, it is just out of control and cicadas are EVERYWHERE!!  Chloe is now afraid to go outside, and Cole has mixed feelings.  He will either avoid them or crush them as hard and as fast as he can.

We’ve been walking to the neighborhood park in the afternoons lately, and it is covered in cicadas.  They are swarming.  I took the camera today to get a few shots.  Here’s us walking to the park and Cole covering his ears because the cicadas are so loud.

More Cole/Bed Stories

Last night Matt and I went to bed early, and as we were both laying down we heard something.  We both looked at each other to see if the other heard it, and then we heard it again.  So, Matt got up to see what it was.  We didn’t hear it again, but I told Matt since he was already up to peek in at the kids.  Chloe was fast asleep, and when Matt opened Cole’s door, it hit Cole!  Cole was asleep on the floor right in front of the door.  I guess he rolled over and hit the door, and those were the sounds we heard.  Matt picked him up, put him in the bed, and he never woke up.

Also, I forgot to mention this in my last bed update, but this happened when Cole got into the vaseline.  He has a stool in his room that is a name puzzle.  You can take the letters off the stool and put them back in – just like a puzzle.  Well, he took all the letters off the stool, filled the spaces with vaseline, and put the letters back.  It was almost impossible to get the letters out to clean all that mess.  What in the world would make him think to do that???

First Attempt at the Sprinkler

It was a very hot day today, and we’ve been doing water play at friends’ houses lately.  Matt has caught what Cole had last week (and he is VERY sick), so I decided to try and get the kids out the house.  I got the sprinklers going and it lasted all of two minutes.  They had no interest at all, but when I would turn the sprinkler off, Cole would cry and want it back on.  Little stinker!