Country Music Marathon and 1/2!!!!!

The alarm went off at 4:15, but Matt, A. D., and I all hopped right up.  Surprisingly, I slept better than I thought I would!  After some coffee, bagels, and bananas, A. D. drove us to the Titans stadium to park and catch the shuttle to the starting line.  Randomly, Christy, Tim, Jessica, and Scotty were pulling in at the same time, so we all rode the shuttle together.  We were all giddy, nervous, and excited.  We got to Centennial and hung out for a while and walked around.  We all made sure we went to the bathroom one last time, and then I said good bye and good luck to Matt and A. D.  They were in a much higher coral that I was!

I lined up with Jessica and Christy and the race began!  We all three talked and not far down the course, we saw Mom and Dad.  Mom had her camera out clicking away, and Dad was waving the “Hot Rod’s Hustlers” sign at us.  It was definitely some good motivation and one of the highlights of the race for me!  I think Christy, Jessica, and I stayed together talking for about the first 3 miles, and then we got separated and were running different paces.  I felt the really good the entire race, but once I got to mile 12 I was getting tired – and that’s when just about the entire mile 12 is a slow incline uphill.  Torture!  At mile 12 I need some downhill action – or at least some flatland!  I made it through, though, and ran the entire 13.1 and felt really good at the finish.  My time was 2:10; A. D.’s was 1:58; and Matt’s time was 1:43.  I just don’t know how those boys do it!

Matt was at the finish line waiting for me, and as soon as I hugged him, I heard “MOMMY!!!’  And there were Chloe, Cole, Ninnie, Big Poppa, and Uncle Mitch – another highlight of the race for me!  We all met up at section V, and there were several other HRH runners there.  We all swapped stories and high-fived and huggged.  We had 24 Hot Rod’s Hustlers team members this year, and these people worked their booties off!  Unfortunately, due to injuries and some unexpected last minute work schedules, not everyone crossed the finish line.  We had a total of 20 participants to finish, but kudos to all 24 of the Hot Rod’s Hustlers for all of their hard work training and raising money.  Our oldest team member is 69-yrs-young (a role model, for sure!) and our youngest runner is 26.  We had two team members to run the full 26.2 miles, and we even had a pregnant team member (Niki – another role model!)  As of now we have raised $14,722, and I still have a little money left to record.  It is possible that we could reach $15,000!!  So, in the past 2 years, HRH has raised over $32,000 for LLS.  Truly amazing!!

After the race we rushed home for a quick shower and headed back out to Robert’s, Dad’s favorite honky tonk.  I forgot about my camera until after everyone had left, so I don’t have many pictures.  We had a great turn out, though.  Not near as big of a crowd as last year, so it was much easier to talk to everyone and visit.  We had lots of team members and their families to show, so it was fun seeing everyone.

A. D. came back home with us, and after we got back home, the fatigue and soreness began to set it.  We thought about grilling some steaks and treating ourselves to a nice, big meal, but we were too tired to even think about going to the grocery store and cook!  We rallied and only made it as far as Garcia’s, but we feasted big on some Mexican – our favorite, of course!  The rest of the night was spent being very lazy.  It was a great day, a great race, and a great amount of money raised for LLS!


Marathon Eve

No pics with this post either – I WILL do better!

After the pancake and royal wedding morning, we got home just in time for nap.  I put the kids down and tried to settle myself, but there was too much excitement!  I worked in the house and then Uncle D got in town.  The kids woke up and we all headed to Amerigo to carbo load (again) for dinner.  Dad, Mom, Aus, Danie, Mize, Dennis, and Sandra met us there along with several of our out-of-towner team runners – Aunt Ann, Aunt Debbie, Beth, Ginny, and Jim.  We had a good meal and ate as much pasta and bread as we could to prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s race.  It was good to see everyone and hang out and talk about our training, running, and raising money.  Just wish I had a picture to go along!

Chloe and Cole went home with Ninnie and Big Poppa, and Pappy and Papa gave them a Hot Rod’s Hustler sign to hold at the race.  We told everyone good bye and headed home for bed.  We turned in early because 4:15 is going to come very early in the morning!  Bring on the CMM!

Carbo Loading and the Royal Wedding

No pics with this post – so disappointing!

But, I didn’t want to forget about this.  TOMORROW IS THE COUNTRY MUSIC MARATHON AND 1/2!  And, we have been hanging out a lot lately with Ms. Christy and Ms. Jessica.  Their kids, Addie and Hunter, are in Chloe’s class.  And even better, both Ms. Christy and Ms. Jessica are running the CMM.  We discovered this about each other through our kids, and we have been running some together, tag team running (while the other babysits), and we even did a 10 miler together.  We are all VERY excited about the CMM tomorrow, so Miss Christy had us over for breakfast to carbo load on pancakes.  She made every type of pancake imaginable – pumpkin, blueberry, chocolate, banana, granola, buttermilk….. And she even made homemade blueberry syrup!  We feasted for sure!

Ms. Christy DVD’d the royal wedding, and all the girls dresses up in their princess dresses.  So, after eating, the kids played and we watched the wedding.  It was the perfect morning and Ms. Christy definitely outdid herself.  Luke, her first-grader, was at school today, but he made us a poster that said “Good Luck Runners!”

Now, we are all stuffed and pumped for tomorrow!

Update on Cole’s Big Boy Bed

Hmmm….  Where should I start?

Actually, the “big boy bed” has gotten much better after the first weekend, but it is still an adventure.  We never know what we are going to get.  Sometimes Cole goes straight to bed, and other times we hear him playing for an hour after lights are out.  I’ve learned several things the hard way.  One night after he played until 10:00 (two hours after I put him to bed), I finally decided to go upstairs to see what was going on.  He had turned his light on to play.  So now, when I leave his room at night, I make sure I turn off his light using the fan pull/switch, so even if he turns the switch on, it will not turn his light on.

I’ve also learned all diaper rash cream, vaseline, and powder must be removed from his room or out of his reach.  He has covered his floor with powder, and he smeared vaseline all over the nice chair in his room that was used when Chloe was a baby and passed down to him.  And…. did you know…. that vaseline does not come out of upholstery?  I know that now.

You cannot leave anything out in the hallway next to his door.  He will reach his hand under his door and feel around to grab anything that may possibly be nearby.

Some nights when we go to check on Cole he is laying on the floor right by the door.  When we open the door, it hits him.

Today during nap, Cole was having a hard time falling asleep.  I could hear on the monitor that he was playing and not going to sleep.  Matt had to cut the yard, so he started on the front yard and I heard Cole on the monitor saying “Hey Daddy!  Hey Daddy!”  I thought I knew what was going on, and I was right.  I walked to the front door and saw Matt laughing on the lawn mower and waving up to Cole’s window.  Cole had pulled away the blinds and was enjoying watching Daddy mow the yard.

Cole’s Self-Dressing Attempt

Cole is going through a MAJOR independent phase.  He does not want help with anything!!  Anytime anyone tries to help him with anything, he says, “No!  I do it myself!!”

Today he insisted he dress himself, so I ignored him and he was quiet for a long while.  Then I heard him panting and getting upset.  Then, he was full-fledged mad!  I walked in to find this….  (excuse the pics – they are from my phone).  I couldn’t help but laugh…. which only made him madder!


We had a good Easter morning, Easter church service, and Easter lunch with Pappy and Papa Rod before we hit the road and headed back home.  A few pics of the day…

We were really worried that the Easter Bunny would not know where to find Chloe and Cole, and when we woke up and didn’t find anything, we assumed that the EB must have left the goodies at our house.  But all of a sudden, we saw a path of chocolate eggs leading into Pappy and Papa’s dining room…. and ta-da!  The EB did know where Chloe and Cole were!

And after several attempts at trying to get a good family picture, this is the best we could do!

Dad’s 61st Birthday!!!

Happy birthday, Papa Rod!  Another birthday that we were all able to celebrate – enough said!

After leaving B-Bob and PawPaw’s house, Papa, Pappy, Chloe and Cole napped while Matt and I ran to the grocery store.  We mixed up some mojitoes, woke the kids, and then headed to Uncle Aus, Aunt Danie, and Mize’s for a fish fry for Papa’s birthday.  The weather was still so nice, so we hung out on the dock while the boys and kids got out the paddle boats.

After paddle-boating the men started cooking while Pappy gave all the kids their Easter baskets.  She loaded Mize, Chloe, and Cole down with new clothes a shoes – just what these growing kids needed!  The men, while hanging out on the front porch, fried fish, hush puppies, potatoes, and had coleslaw to go along.  Pappy baked her signature cake with homemade caramel frosting, and it was dee-lish!!  It ended up being a late night, but a good one.  And….. SHAME ON ME!  Not one picture of the birthday boy.  I’ll make up for it tomorrow on Easter Sunday!

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Dad!  You’ve worked hard – harder than most – to reach 61!  xoxo