Chloe’s First Soccer Game

There was one downside to our vacation.  One big, big, BIG negative.  We missed Chloe’s first soccer game.  BOO!!  We were just sick about this, and we didn’t even make it through the finish of her game before we called to check to see how she did.  Chloe did have both sets of grandparents at the game, so she didn’t miss us one bit; however, it was very hard on her mommy and her daddy.

The report we got was good, and Chloe wasn’t shy and got out and ran and played well.  Big Poppa took some action shots for us.

Team huddle with Cole trying to get in on the action.

Chloe and her BFF, Maillie, holding hands while playing.  Too, too cute.


San Diego/Torrey Pines

I’m going to brag on my husband for a bit because he’s worked very hard the last year for our family.  He’s been out of town…  A LOT…. and as hard as it is on me with him being out of town, I know it’s harder on him being away.  But, his hard work is paying off.  He was honored the highest sales award from his company, and part of that award was a vacation to Torrey Pines.  The vacation consisted of a 4-day trip to La Jolla staying at The Lodge at Torrey Pines.  We added 4 days of our own to that trip and stayed in downtown San Diego before heading to Torrey Pines.  That is the longest I’ve ever been away from the kids, and I was anxious about leaving them that long; however, I was FINE!  We didn’t even call everyday to check on them!  We knew they were in good hands, though, and they split the time between both sets of grandparents.  It made us realized how badly we needed a vacation!

It was a bit crazy getting off the first day.  We awoke at the crack of dawn because not only did we have to get the kids to school and get ourselves packed, but we also both had to run 7 miles  – and we had to have this all done by noon.  We managed, and we made it to our gate JUST as our flight began boarding.  Whew!  After an almost 5 hour flight, we landed in beautiful, downtown, sunny San Diego.  It was gorgeous – blue skies, blue water, and our hotel was right on the ocean.  We got to the hotel, settled in, cleaned up, and walked around for a bit.  We decided on Cucina Urbana for dinner – a place that was recommended – and it was so good!  Halfway through dinner, though, everything caught up with us.  We were exhausted!  The 2-hour time change and the 7 mile run and the hectic day and the big dinner and the wine were leaving us struggling to keep our eyes open.  We went straight back to the hotel to call it a night.  But…. that’s when we learned of the Japan earthquake and tsumani.  It had just happened.  And being that we were in CA, we were wondering if we were going to get washed away!

Luckily, the tsunami did no harm to San Diego.  Our water/boat taxi driver that day said the water seemed a little higher and “swirlier,” but that was all.  Our second day we took a boat over to Coronado island and spent the day there.  We walked the island and the beach and had drinks at Hotel del Coronado while overlooking the ocean.  Absolutely beautiful!

View of San Diego from Coronado Island

Hotel Del Coronado

View from our hotel room

The rest of our time in San Diego was spent eating, drinking, sleeping, and touring the downtown area.  We also got in a couple 4 mile runs on the beach.  Since we are training for CMM, we were worried about this vacation affecting our running.  But, San Diego couldn’t have been a better place to run.  Gorgeous weather and scenery and tons of runners everywhere.

Sunday morning we said good-bye to the city and took off to La Jolla.  Our driver told us we were heading into the rich part of CA, and boy, was he right!  I felt a little out of my element at first, but I quickly adjusted.  Ha.  Our room at Torrey Pines looked out on a croquette field, and right past that is the 18th hole where Tiger won the US Open in ’08.  Not too shabby, huh?  This next picture is a view from our room – croquette field, golf course, and then past the golf course are cliffs that drop to the ocean.  You can see the mist rising from the ocean to top of the cliffs onto the golf course.

I completely forgot to take a picture of our room, but it was definitely the nicest room I (we) have ever stayed.  It was big, gorgeous, and complete with our own fireplace.  We joke about how our hotel room was much nicer than our house.  And while we were there, we were treated like royalty.  I got a taste of what it’s like to be rich, and let me tell you,  I liked it!!!  🙂  All joking aside, it was a very nice trip and we were treated very nice.  We feel very fortunate to have had this experience.

Matt and I had several planned activities to attend, but they were all very appealing activities.  I was able to spend a day at the spa while Matt golfed with the men.  One night we had a fancy, schmancy dinner where Matt was honored.  It was held at Evans Garage.  He is the owner of Torrey Pines, and he collects antique cars.  Now, this garage was not your ordinary garage.  It was a museum, and it is not open to the public.  I’m not sure why we were able to be there, but there was a band, full bar, and we were catered to the entire time.  After the dinner and awards, there was dancing and drinking.  A very fun night, and I had my camera with me – but, I set it down at the table when we got there and didn’t think about it again until it was time to leave.  Ugh!  There was a professional photographer there, so hopefully we will have some pictures coming soon.

We had lots of free time on the trip, and Matt and I did some trail runs and some hiking.  Our favorite was the 4 mile trail/hike to the beach.  It was absolutely breath taking.  We went once by ourselves and told the others they should go as well, so we went and did the same hike with the people we talked into going.  It was that pretty!  The next pictures are all of the hike (too many pictures, but I had the hardest time picking and choosing my favorites to post)….  It was overcast and very hazy that day, but if you look hard in the background of most of the pictures, you will see the Pacific.

In the next picture, the greenery in the background is the golf course at Torrey Pines.

And of course, the easy part of the hike was getting down to the beach.  The not so easy part was going back up, but the scenery was just as good.

Our last full day we were treated to a sailing excursion on Dennis Conner’s boat.  Now, honestly, that meant nothing to me, but Matt was very impressed.  Before we took off, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at a restaurant patio.  In the background is some sort of Naval Base Museum.

And then, we hopped on board the sailing boat.

We sailed for 3 hours, and we went around the south-western most part of the Continental US.  It was very, very chilly, but there were blankets and a bar/food for us, and the weather couldn’t have been better.

We didn’t see any whales, probably because it was a little too late in the winter for that, but we saw tons of dolphins and sea lions.

We had such a wonderful time, but I don’t know what was our favorite.  The city was fun, but La Jolla was beautiful.  I’ve never been on the west coast beaches before, so that was definitely a sight to see.  We seriously ate fresh seafood every meal, and I never got tired of it.  The food there is out of this world – and food is not something Matt and I take lightly!!  As I said before, we did really well with not worrying about the kids or missing them too much; however, we could. not. wait. to get our hands on them when we got home – which was 8:00 at night.

I think they were as excited to see us and we to see them.  Everyone was yelling and hugging and kissing and jumping up and down.  The day that we left, Chloe started to get weepy, so we told her not to be sad…. that we would be back soon…. and that we would bring her a surprise.  It didn’t take her too long to ask if we brought her back a surprise.   Matt and I kidded her that we had forgot.  It didn’t faze her one bit.  She just kept hugging and kissing us.  A little while later, she asked me again if we brought her a surprise.  Again, I acted like I couldn’t remember, and she hugged me really hard and looked at me and smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Mommy!  You are my surprise!”  Ahhhh…..  melt my heart!!  How good it is to be home with our precious kiddos!

Matt – #35

Thirty-five.  35.  Thir.ty.five.  Wow – that’s a big one, and Matt hit it today!  In our previous conversations, I could tell this was a birthday he was less than thrilled about.  But, we made it a fun weekend and a fun birthday.

We started off the morning by being lazy, and I cooked a big breakfast.

We ended up not making it to church because the Vols played Kentucky at 11:00, and that’s what Matt wanted to do – watch the Vols; however, the game didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to…. yet again.

After the game, we gave Matt his birthday present.  Matt and I usually don’t exchange gifts for any holiday, but since this was a big birthday, I decided to get him a big gift.  A big green gift.  A Big Green Egg!  On Matt’s 30th birthday, I got him a medium egg, but now that we have 2 kids, that medium seemed a little small.  And, when we have people over, there’s just not enough room to grill everything we want.  Matt’s been wanting the large for a while, but I knew he would never buy it for himself.  So, the kids and I got it for him.  And, best of all, Mom and Dad made him a table for the grill.  We looked into purchasing a table, but they were very expensive – even though they didn’t look that difficult to build.  I found the plans online, sent them to Mom and Dad, and a couple of days later, they had already made one.  (Pics to come – it was too darn cold and yucky outside to break out the egg.)

After playing all morning and early afternoon, we put the kids to bed and did something we NEVER do.  We watched a movie!  I honestly cannot recall the last time we took the time to sit down and watch a movie.  The movie we watched was over a year old, so hardly a new release, but it was new to us and one we’ve been wanting to see.  We were super lazy and it was great!

All day long Chloe has had it on her mind that we MUST make Daddy a birthday cake.  If there is any way that Chloe will get some chocolate out of the deal, then she is all over it.  So, after naps Chloe and I got to baking.

We finished baking and ate dinner at our typical Sunday night location – Garcia’s!  And after Mexican, we ended our night in typical Sunday-night-dance-party-after-Mexican fashion.  And of course, some chocolate cake was devoured.

I think it was a pretty good birthday for a 35 year old man!  Happy 35th, Matt!


Does anyone else seem to encounter this in their house?  I do laundry all the time.  Everyday.  It’s never ending.  But, Matt’s pile is on the left.  My pile is on the right.  WTH???  I don’t understand it.