Soccer Chloe

Since the past week has been Spring Break, Chloe did not have a soccer game last Saturday.  And, since we missed her first game, we were ready to see her play.  It is a funny, funny thing watching 4-year-old girls playing soccer!  Coach Joey was out of town, so he asked Matt to coach this week.  I think Chloe enjoyed playing for her daddy.

Love this next pic!


Uncle D’s Visit

Uncle D was driving through town tonight, so he stopped at our house to spend the night.  He asked if we could go to Garcia’s.  Ummm…. yeah!  Do we ever turn down Mexican?  And…. I’m missing my girl’s night out, so that will help even things out.  When we walked in the door at Garcia’s, the kids ran up to the servers and hugged them and they all hugged back.  Uncle D laughed and said, “Y’all come here often?”

We had a good, fun, crazy dinner, and some friends were actually sitting in the booth behind us (unplanned).  That made the kids extra crazy – looking over the booth, running in the aisles, and such…  The kids ate pretty well, and when we are at Garcia’s, the deal is if they eat well, they get a quarter and get to get M&M’s from the machine to split between themselves.  Well, low and behold, what was above the M&M machine??  A mustache machine.  And… Matt, A. D., and I go way back with mustaches.  Way, way back.  So, of course, Matt had to get one, A. D. had to get one, and we couldn’t leave out Cole.  And interestingly enough, two of the mustaches were blonde!  Matt and A. D. both wore their mustaches on the way home.  Chloe and Cole both begged, pleaded, and pretty much cried for them to take them off.  They hated them!  We tried to get Cole to wear one, but he refused.  We did practically hold  him down so we could get a pic.

When Chloe realized how much we were laughing at Cole wearing the mustache, she had to try it on, too.

We let the kids stay up extra late and play with Uncle D, but at this point, everyone was getting sleepy.  Chloe cuddled up with Uncle D (and Rapunzel and Belle).  Very sweet.

Spring Break

This week is Spring Break, and usually we would head to Pappy and Papa Rod’s, but since the kids just saw them and since we’ve been out of town, we just decided to hang at the house all week.

Today, before it got too hot, we headed to the zoo, apparently with the rest of Nashville.  It was very crowded, but once we got inside the zoo, it wasn’t that bad.  Chloe and Cole wanted to play on the playground more than look at the animals, and that was fine by me.  The zoo has a great playground and bounce area, and I was wanting to wear them out so they would take a good nap.

I finally dragged them away from the playground and talked them into the petting zoo – which they loved.

It was nap time by the time we got home, so we all ate a quick lunch and the kids crashed…. just like I had planned.

The rest of spring break consisted of being lazy.  We had soccer practice and a visit from Uncle D (that will have it’s own post).  We had a Monkey Joe’s visit with some friends, a soccer game, and a weekend full of food, fun, and playing (and running for Mommy and Daddy).


Our first spring in this house (2009), we planted a tree for each kid.  I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of the trees since then, even though the kids play around them all the time.  Today I got the camera out to capture the beautiful, white blooms on Chloe’s Bradford pear.  Then, I decided we needed pictures to compare to Spring 2009.

Chloe and tree – Spring 2009


Chloe and tree – Spring 2011

Cole and tree – Spring 2009 (unable to stand on his own)


Cole and tree – Spring 2011

Spring Clothes

We got home from school today, and the weather was perfect – sun, blue skis, warm temps.  Chloe went upstairs and came back down in this outfit.  We could not stop laughing and asked why she changed.  She said, “I wanted to wear spring clothes!”  And it is St. Patrick’s Day – notice the socks.