Sweet Siblings

Here’s a “warming of the heart” picture.  Every night after baths, we all pile in Chloe’s bed for story time.  At this point of the night, I think I’m more tired than the kids, but it’s one of my favorite times of the day – even though it ends up being quite crazy.  Both kids are clean, they smell yummy, and Chloe will cuddle close and listen to every single word I read.  Cole will cuddle and listen for about 2.2 seconds, then he will start jumping on the bed screaming, “Ook (Look)!  Ook at me!”  Chloe is so good at ignoring him, and when Cole realizes he is being ignored, he will usually sit down a few seconds and listen before hopping back up and doing the same thing over again.  It really is quite comical.

When all the stories are read, I will tuck Chloe in the bed.  Cole will lie down beside her and tuck himself in, and every night he asks if he can sleep with Chloe.  And, every night I tell him no.  Then, I have to grab him to get him to leave her bed, but before he leaves, they get silly and always hug and kiss a few times.  I got the camera out tonight when they did this because I know one day I will miss these bedtime ritual of theirs.


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