Pray for Lucy

I am so sick of cancer and kids with cancer and brain tumors and brain cancer…..

Just last week a lady from home that we have been following died from brain cancer.  She was diagnosed 4 months after Dad.

And now, there is sweet Lucy.  Lucy’s mom is Kate.  Kate is my same age and went to my rival high school.  My first cousin is married to Kate’s first cousin.  Kate’s daughter, Lucy, is 5 years old.  In 48 hours, Lucy started vomiting out of the blue and was soon unable to walk.  Within those 48 hours, it was discovered Lucy had 3 brain tumors, 1 tumor on her spine, and a sprinkling of tumors down her spine.  No other symptoms occured until the vomiting started.  It has just blown my mind.  My heart is so heavy for this family, and I just can’t get them out of my mind.  It is truly heartbreaking.  Kate and her husband have an older daugter and a 5 month old son.  Lucy had brain and back surgery today to remove the large tumors, and even though the surgery went well, Lucy is in a lot of pain.   They have a meeting scheduled with St. Jude, and Lucy will have to endure aggressive chemo and radiation as soon as she is able.  They all have a long, long, long road ahead of them.

Please pray for this family and this sweet little girl.  They need all the prayers they can get.  Here’s Kate’s blog if you want to follow:


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