Somewhat of a Solution

Well, it is another darn snow day today.  What is this??  Snow day #10??  I am completely over the snow at this point, and I am completely over taking half an hour to get everyone dressed to get outside only for Cole to completely melt down and want to come inside after 10 minutes.  But, once again, my kids couldn’t wait to get out in the snow.  For some reason (probably because he was listening to his sister’s incessant begging), Cole was ready to get bundled up and get outside.  To make this playtime worthwhile, I knew I had to find some type of solution to Cole ripping off his mittens and/or gloves.  I finally found something that worked…..

First, I put a pair of socks on his hand and then his mittens.  Then, I put grocery bags around that and tied them on really tight.  Next, I put on a thermal shirt, a regular shirt, a sweatshirt, and his jacket ALL over his tightly tied grocery bags.  And guess what?!?!  He couldn’t pull the bags off even when he tried!  We made it outside a whole entire hour before he completely lost control.  Progress was made!


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