Making Santa’s Cookies

This year I decided we would bake a birthday cake for Jesus’s birthday instead of going through the whole ordeal of making, baking, and decorating cookies.  But…. when Jake got the kids a cookie set, I knew we were baking cookies.  Courtney told me that I was going to kill her when we opened the gift, so I was prepared for something much worse!  🙂  And, I thought it was a great gift.  We had fun completing the task, for the most part.  Ha!

I sent Courtney a picture text of our finished project, and she sent me a picture right back.  I think we were both glad to be finished!  I then sent her another text telling her that Chloe only asked, “Why?”  382 times and Cole only had to go to time out once.  And in the end, those were some GOOD cookies!  The best tasting Christmas sugar cookies this household has ever made.  I think the stick of butter may have had something to do with it!  I know Santa will enjoy them because Chloe and Cole (and I) sure can’t keep ourhands off!



Gingerbread House

We make a gingerbread house every year, and this was the first year that I let the kids “have at it.”  I did have to help construct the house and help with the icing, but then they were on their own.  The worst part was having to let the frame of the house dry before decorating it.  I think Chloe asked me a million times, “Is it ready yet?”  Cole enjoyed eating the candy more than decorating the house, and I did eventually have to take the candy away from him.  Chloe loves doing anything crafty, so she was a serious and determined worker bee.

The finished project…..  beautiful, huh?



Christmas with the Kizers

We celebrated Christmas with Ninnie, Big Poppa, Uncle Mitch, and Aunt Sarah today.  We had a BIG brunch, and it was very, very yummy!  It was hard to get the kids to eat anything because their minds were on opening presents.  Once we finally finished eating, we all headed into the living room without even cleaning the kitchen.  Chloe could hardly wait, and once Cole opened his first  present, he realized what was going on and wanted “moe” (more) presents to open.

Chloe hugging her new Belle doll…

Cole wearing his new conductor hat while blowing his train whistle…

In all the hustle and bustle, I did a poor job of using my camera.  No brunch, family, or play pictures.  But, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the day.  The kids had a blast!  After they were worn out, we packed up and our car was loaded down with play dough, Thomas the Train, Belle, dolls, UT gear, etc…  Matt and I thought it would be a struggle to get them down to nap, but after the morning’s excitement, they didn’t put up much of a fight.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree was much more manageable this year.  It only took 3 or 4 days for the kids to learn not to touch.  I was dreading the tree for that reason, and even though we have had a little trouble with them breaking and yanking off ornaments, it’s been better than I expected!

Lunch with Santa

Today was our school’s “Lunch with Santa.”  Chloe and Cole were very excited and have been talking about this for a week.  Lunch started out with Chloe’s class singing some Christmas carols.  And after lunch, we got to see Santa.  Both kids hopped right in Santa’s lap and told him what they wanted.  No tears this year!  Chloe told Santa she wants a “Tangled” doll and a princess Barbie.  Cole said he wanted toys and books.

Punky Brewster

Chloe is now getting to the point where she HAS to pick out her clothes and dress herself.  And wow…. some of the garments of clothing she puts together are very interesting.  This is one of those times where I have to remind myself to “pick my battles.”  This is what she wore out of the house today.