Music City Bowl

The day started off so well.  Pappy and Papa spent the night and Uncle D arrived at lunch.  We sent the kids to Ninnie’s and then we headed to tailgate.  It was such a beautiful day, but it was a bit windy.  The first bad thing that happened was that Carrie and Ryan had to cancel.  Layla ended up getting really sick, so they stayed at home with her.  I was so sad.  We had been looking forward to them coming for so long.  Such disappointment!  But, we had fun tailgating even though Mom and I were the only females.  Finally, some girls showed up!  I was happy to see Niki, Erin, and Lacey.  We tailgated most of the afternoon and made to the stadium in time to watch the Vols run through the “T.” It was as if we were at a home game – all orange, and despite the ending of the game, we really did have a lot of fun.  Our seats were GREAT, and we had a lot of fun cheering on the Vols.  I won’t even go into how the game ended – and I don’t think we will ever forget that terrible loss to UNC – so I will just leave it at us having a great time.  We love our Vols and Dooley no matter what, and it’s still sad that our season is over no matter the heartbreak.


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