Christmas Morning 2010

Chloe was a very good listener and walked straight into our room to wake us before going downstairs.  She slept until 6:45, which is normally very early for her, but I was afraid we were going to start the day much earlier as excited as she was going to bed.  We pulled her into the bed with us, and Matt jumped up and opened the blinds…..  SNOW!!!  We were so excited!  A white Christmas!  We laid in bed talking and looking out the window for a little while waiting on Cole to wake up.  Chloe lasted about 20 minutes before we got Cole – and I thought she did great making it that long!

We had Chloe and Cole stand halfway down the stairs while I checked to see if Santa came and to take pics if he did.  They waited very patiently….

I took pics and walked back to tell them that Santa had come and left them presents.  They could hardly contain themselves!  I also told them that Santa must have thought they were very good this year!

Chloe running to her pile….

Cole running to his pile….

And, the pile to share….

Cole really didn’t know what to do with himself, and he just wondered around aimlessly for a while trying to take everything in.  Chloe saw her bike and let us know  “But, I think it’s too big for me.”

Chloe told me a while back that she wanted a “rode” (robe) like mine (because I wear one every morning); however, Chloe never told Santa she wanted a “rode.”  When she saw that Santa brought her a “rode,” she quickly put it on and told me, “I didn’t even tell Santa!  He just knew!”  That’s because he’s magic!

Daddy and Cole in the Thomas tent….

And, our white Christmas!

Ninnie and Big Poppa came over to see what Santa had brought, and we feasted big again!  The kids played and played and played, but we couldn’t get the new riding toys out because of the weather.  Ninnie helped me clean the kitchen after our big lunch, and Matt packed the car.  We loaded up the kids, the presents, the DVD, and took off west hoping for the kids to nap before doing Christmas all over again!  It was such a fun morning!


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