Christmas at Pappy and Papa Rod’s

We made a quick trip to Pappy and Papa’s house and were there by 4:00.  Chloe slept maybe 30 minutes, but Cole didn’t sleep a wink.  We were all excited to get out of the car and be at Pappy and Papa’s.  By this point, Chloe and Cole had the “Christmas thing” down pat and knew there were presents awaiting them.  We had to wait on Austin, Danie, and Mize for a while because they were finishing Christmas w/ Danie’s family.  It was almost too much for Chloe to take.  She asked us a million billion gazillion times, “Can we open presents yet?”  Once everyone arrived, we ate dinner and we let the crazy begin.  As always, wish I had taken more pics.

Sweet Mize

We all got a kickin’ new pair of Bogs, and the are awesome!!  But, Cole took his love for his new boots to the next level.  He LOVES them and will NOT take them off!  They are a little big for him so he can wear them for the next year or two.  He’s having a little trouble maneuvering in them, and he falls down/trips quite often, but it’s hilarious.  Also, Cole’s are camouflage.   It makes it even funnier.  We’ve been joking that he looks like a true Tipton Countian wearing them.

I love Papa Rod and Cole working with the remote control car….

Chloe dressed in her new ballerina clothes Mize gave her and took a dessert break.

We all love the next pic of Dad.  So good!

Cole’s second favorite present – a new guitar just his size!!  He always plays Matt’s guitar, so when Mom asked for a gift idea for him, I told her a guitar.  If I had known how much he would love that guitar, I would have gotten him one a loooong time ago!

Mom and Dad opening their present from all of us….

Sweet Mize again…. and a very, very tired, sweet Mize.

It was a fun night and ended up being a very late night.  Since the kids didn’t sleep on the way (or sleep much), they were absolutely worn out.  It was after 10:30 before we got them to bed, so they went right to sleep.  Dad went to bed when the kids went to bed, but Mom, Aus, Dana, A. D., Matt and I stayed up until after 1:30 talking.  Wow!  We had a good talk about the last year and a half and how we were in much better shape than we were last Christmas.  We laughed a lot and shed a few tears throughout the night.  It still kinda got to us that Dad was in bed and not hanging out with us, but last year at this time, we were afraid it was Dad’s last Christmas.  It really is amazing not only that Dad is here, but also that he is here and doing as well as he is.  We are blessed!  Merry Christmas to all!



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