Christmas Eve

I’m already making one of my 2011 goals to do better with taking pictures because I’m kicking myself for not taking the kids pictures tonight before church.  I think I said this last year, but Christmas Eve is probably my most favorite night of the year.  The entire day is exciting, and then we go to church for the most special service of the year.  I love the candlelight service and singing “Silent Night.”  This is the worst time that I miss my family.  I’ve never missed a Christmas Eve service with my family until 2 years ago.  I have so many memories of this night with my family, and I hate not being with them, but I am happy that we are continuing the tradition.  I just love the service and the message.  I’ve grown up knowing and listening to the story of Jesus’s birth, but now that I’m a mother, that story has even more meaning.  It’s so amazing.

Today was a pretty laid back day even though there was excitement in the air.  Matt and I took turns running and then watching “The Grinch,” “Rudolph,” and “Shrek the Halls” with the kids.  We went to Chipolte for lunch, and on the way, Chloe said, “Mom, I’m almost excited!!”  And when she said this, she squealed very excitedly.  For the rest of the day, she would tell us, “I’m almost excited!”  Matt and I were cracking up.

We awoke the kids early from nap and got them ready for church.  Chloe and Cole were dressed in their Christmas clothes, and it was fun having them and Ninnie and Big Poppa sit in “big church” with us.  I had a bag packed full of goldfish, fruit snacks, raisins, animal crackers, water, 2 magna doodles, and at least 10 books.  I have to say, the kids did pretty well.  They snacked the entire hour, but all the music and excitement kept their attention for the most part.  When church was over, it was cold, dark, and SLEETING outside.  Perfect!  We headed to Sperry’s after church and had a great meal.  Then, we told Ninnie and Big Poppa good night and headed home.

We got the kids settled down and bathed, then we went downstairs to leave Santa his cookies and milk.  I wrote Santa’s letter, but I wrote exactly what Chloe told me to write.  I thought she left Santa a sweet message.  Then, she signed her name and Cole’s name.

We all four crowded in Chloe’s bed and listened to Pappy and Papa Rod read Twas the Night Before Christmas on a book tape.  Chloe and Cole were very excited and very sweet.  Surprisingly, after making Chloe promise she would come in our room before going downstairs in the morning, both kids went to bed quite easily.  It was a perfect ending to a perfect day!


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