Cole’s First UT Game

The Vols played Vandy in Nashville tonight, and Pappy and Papa were already in town for doctor visits – which I must add – went very, VERY well!  Dad’s MRI looked good, and his spinal fluid was clear of any lymphoma cells.  YIPEEEE!   So, we had reason to celebrate!  Pappy and Papa spent the night last night and stayed in town for the Vandy game.  This was Chloe’s second UT football game and Cole’s first.

It was a bit chilly, but we all bundled up, so the temp was perfect.  Chloe and Cole both did GREAT at the game!  The fireworks scared Cole at the beginning of the national anthem, and he hid on my shoulder the entire first quarter.  After that, he warmed up and enjoyed himself.  Lucky for us, Vandy really never had any reason to set off any more fireworks, so there were no more the entire game to scare Cole.  Because it was a night game and ended up being a late night, we had to distract the kids any way possible – meaning popcorn, hotdogs, powerades, and yep….  cotton candy!

It was a fun night, a good game, and the kids hung in there pretty well.  It was 11:00 before we got home, got the kids bathed, and in bed, and other than a total melt down from Cole when trying to get him to bed, it was a perfect game night!


More Crazy Cole

Chloe and Cole spent the night with Ninnie and Big Poppa last night, and I called Ninnie this morning to make arrangements to pick them up.  Ninnie answered the phone telling me that I would not believe what had just happened.  She said she and the kids were making Jello, and Chloe and Cole were standing on a kitchen chair helping.  Well, Cole got his leg stuck in the spindles of the chair.  Ninnie said she pulled and pulled on Cole’s leg but couldn’t get it out.  And, Cole was crying because his leg was hurting.  So, Ninnie and Chloe got some Vaseline and put it on the chair and Cole’s leg.  Still, no progress.  Finally, Cole continued to cry and Ninnie got frantic.  She had to get the SAW and saw her kitchen chair to get Cole’s leg out!

I told her I was very sorry about her kitchen chair, and she just laughed and said, “Well, those are the kind of things that happen when you have boys.”  My, how true, true, true of a statement that is!

That same night after the kids got home, I started the bathwater in the kids’ tub.  I walked out of the bathroom to start getting the kids’ PJs out.  Matt had just gotten back in town and was unpacking his bags in our room.  Then, I heard Matt say rather loudly, “Aww, Cole!”  And at the same time I heard Chloe laughing louder than I have ever heard her.  I ran into the bathroom to find this….

Cole jumped in the bath fully clothed and didn’t think a thing about it.  Never a dull moment.


Here is one reason Cole bounces back and forth between the 1st and 3rdpercentile….  The boy never stops.  This was early Sunday morning while the rest of us were trying to get a start on the day by getting our coffee fix (and Chloe getting her milk fix).  You can count his ribs!  If Cole is awake, he is moving.  I wish I had even an ounce of his energy.

Chihuly Nights at Cheekwood

Because we were unable to make it to Cheekwood until the last weekend of Chihuly nights, it ended up being the coldest night of the year.  We all bundled up, though, and made the best of it.  It was much more crowded than I though it would be, but it was very fun, and the exhibit was very pretty.  I couldn’t keep from getting a pic of the kids in the car on the way.  They just looked too darn cute in their winter hats not to capture.

I didn’t get the best of shots at the exhibit, and my pictures sure don’t do it justice.

This next one, “Sun,” was my favorite….

…but the rest of my family seemed to be more interested in the conversation going on beside them than the incredible piece of art behind them!

After walking around all night, we must have worked up an appetite.  We were all hungry and hit Sonic on the way home for some ice cream.  Actually, I think that may have been Chloe’s favorite part of the night.



Too Much Candy!

Even though we only trick-or-treated at the neighbors’ houses that we knew, Chloe and Cole were still loaded down with candy. So much candy.  Too much candy.  There was no way I could keep the kids (or myself) out of all the Halloween candy we collected, so I was very happy when I received an email from Chloe’s pediatric dentist about donating the candy.  All the candy donated went to Operation Gratitude, which sends care packages to US military.  I told Chloe what we were doing with the candy, and at first she was very sad that we were giving all of it away.  I assured her we would not give it all away, and I let her and Cole each pick 5 pieces they wanted to keep.  Our conversation then turned into a much deeper conversation than I had planned.  I told her we were sending her candy to the soldiers, and she asked what soldiers were.  I tried to explain who they were and what they did.  I think it finally made some sense to her that we get to go to the schools and churches we want to go to because of our military.  Whew, I need to start studying in order to be able to answer all of her questions.