Halloween 2010

As I’ve said before, holidays and events are just getting more and more fun as the kids get older.  Halloween was no different.  Chloe knew exactly what to expect this year.  Cole didn’t completely understand what was going on, but he was excited knowing that something fun was happening.  He did scare very easily, and I was a bit surprised by that.  He would turn very solemn and run and hide if he saw a scary mask or costume.

Cole was a dinosaur this year, and Chloe was able to pick what she wanted.  Although we tried to talk her into something else, she insisted that she be Belle.  Finally, the Friday before Halloween (2 days ago), Matt, Cole, and I took her shopping for a Belle costume – all the while thinking we may find something better.  But, what do you know???  There was only ONE Belle costume left and it was just her size (and it was on sale for $10!).  She was so excited, so we paid for it, and she squealed the whole way to the car.  Literally.  I haven’t seen that girl that excited in a loooong time!

Before we found the Belle costume, Matt tried to talk Chloe into being Scooby so he could be Shaggy, Cole could be Scrapy, and I Thelma, but she couldn’t get past being Belle.  On the way to the car after purchasing the Belle costume (and in between squealing), she looked at her daddy and said, “Daddy, I’m sorry, but I’ll be Scooby next year so you can be Shaggy.”  Matt and I just looked at each other and smiled.

Finally, Halloween day arrived, and Chloe was more than ready to dress up as Belle.  After church and naps, we began to get ready.  Before we took off trick-or-treating, Ninnie and Big Poppa came over to see the kids.  Ninnie was a kitty cat, and Big Poppa had a mask and was a grumpy ol’ Grandpa.  Cole wanted nothing to do with his mask, so it quickly ended up back in the car.

Ninnie and Big Poppa had just arrived, and Big Poppa had on his mask.  Cole ran and hid behind his daddy until Big Poppa’s mask was removed.

This is Cole trying to take Ninnie’s mask off.  He was not happy with her being dressed up either.

Once the sun started to set, we hit the neighborhood.  We only trick-or-treated in our neighborhood, and that was plenty.  We also only went to the houses we knew in our neighborhood, and we had way more candy than we knew what to do with.  Chloe wore some princess high heels, which she demanded to wear.  Oddly enough, she wore one pink high heel and one yellow high heel.  She refused to wear a matching pair because she wanted a yellow shoe to match her dress and a pink one since pink is her favorite color.  I was surprised with how well she handled the high heels.  She did eventually get tired of wearing them, but not until the end of the night.  She walked really funny in the high heels, and I laughed and told her she looked the way I felt wearing high heels.  She also said the shoes were uncomfortable, and I told her welcome to the world of being a woman.

And, here are our favorite neighbors – the Gills.  I told them I will never look at these pictures of Mr. Chad and not laugh!

After trick-or-treating we came back to the house, ate chili, and answered the doorbell for the rest of the night.  Every time the doorbell rang, Chloe and Cole jumped and made a mad dash for the door.  I’m not sure if they had more fun trick-or-treating or answering the door and giving out treats.  It was a great day/night, and even though I thought we would have trouble getting the kids into the bath and bed, they were no trouble at all.  The excitement of the day did them in!



Pumpkin Carving

We carved our pumpkin today, and it took all four of us.  Mommy to draw the face and clean out the pulp and seeds, Daddy to carve the pumpkin, Cole to let us know how bad it smelled, and Chloe to tell us every move to make.  Cole would hold his nose and say, “Shoo-wee!  Pum-peas!”  (pum-peas = pumpkins).  It was a fun night, though, and we saved some pumpkin seeds to roast and plant.  Now, we are just ready for Halloween!

Daddy is Home!

Matt has been out of town all week, and he called tonight and said he would be home a little earlier than he thought.  Yay!  So, the kids were fed, bathed, and even though it was bedtime, I kept them up to see Daddy.  Matt stopped on the way home and picked up some sushi and Thai food for Mommy & Daddy, so we ate in the living room floor while playing (or while Matt wrestled) with the kids.


We have all laughed over how Cole yelled “Daddy!” when he saw the gorillas at the zoo.  Well…. tonight I read this book to Cole at bedtime.

He was in my lap, and as I pulled this book into his sight, once again, he pointed and yelled, “Daddy!” when he saw the cover.  I’m not quite sure why he is doing that, but it sure is hilarious!