Mommy Wins!!

This has been the week from H-E-double hockey-sticks!  A while back, Cole learned how to jump out of his crib, but Matt and I quickly grabbed him and told him no and had a big talk with him.  He didn’t try it again, so I figured he understood and would obey.  Well, I figured wrong.  Monday of this week he began jumping out of his crib at nap time.  After I put him back in a few times, he evetually fell asleep.  Tuesday was the same thing, but it took me a little longer to get him to sleep.  Wednesday, after TWO hours of putting him back in the crib and one spanking later (I know…. terrible), he finally fell asleep.  Then, early Thursday morning I awoke to him crawling on our bed saying, “Hey, Mama!”

It was then I decided something had to be done.  I thought about just going ahead and turning his crib into the toddler bed, and I would have done that if he was staying in his room; however, when he jumps out of his crib, the first thing he does is open his door and run through the house.   And, I was afraid he would do this in the night or in the morning before we were awake because he has started opening the doors to go outside (and yes, we have found him outside in the driveway recently…  the boy doesn’t stop!).

I found a crib tent and paid the heavy fee to do a rush delivery.  That was money I did not mind spending!  It arrived right before bedtime on Friday, but since I’ve only had trouble with Cole at nap time (not at night), I thought I would wait until Saturday morning to install it.  Plus, Matt was out of town for work, and I wanted him to help me.  Well, of course, that night Cole decides to jump out of the crib.  After about 20 minutes of trying to get him to bed, I got to work putting the tent on the crib.

I know it looks cruel, and the first few times I put Cole in the crib with the tent, he boohooed!  I broke the poor little guy’s heart.  But, it did the trick.  There has been no more escaping the crib or the room, and Mommy and Daddy are sleeping easy again!


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