Birthday Weekend

My family spoils me.  For real!  We started off my birthday weekend Friday night by going out for Mexican and ending the night with a dance party.  Dance parties are part of the norm at our house, and there are usually one or two (possibly three) that breaks out each week.  My kids absolutely love them, and I’ve got to post some videos of these hilarious events.  Chloe and Cole reeeeally get into it, air guitars and all.  This night, though, we all got into it, complete with dancing on top of coffee tables, couches, and chairs.  And yes, I know…. starting a bad habit.

The entire Saturday was spent grilling, eating, eating more, watching football, and watching more football.  We were all ready to watch the Vols play, and even though we started out well, a rain delay killed our momentum along with our game.  Final score – Vols: 13, Oregon: 48.  The worst beating in Neyland history; however, we all had on our UT gear and supported Dooley and his boys.

Sunday, my actual birthday, Matt let me sleep in (which is the best present I could ask for) and cooked breakfast for me when I awoke.  The rest of the day consisted of church, naps, Titans football, outside play, and then more Mexican (we just can’t get enough) with Ninnie and Big Poppa.  Then, we came home and I was surprised with a Ben & Jerry’s chocolate brownie ice cream cake.  Boy, does my husband know me or what?!?  It was the perfect ending to the perfect day and the perfect birthday weekend!


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