Matt had to work in Chattanooga this week, so at the last minute we decided to follow him for a mini-vacation.  The plan was to leave after lunch so the kids would sleep on the way.  That plan did not happen.  Chloe did not sleep at all, and Cole only slept for 15 minutes, so I knew the trip would be interesting.  The kids were so excited when we checked into the hotel running around and jumping on the beds.  We had a quick snack and headed to the aquarium.  We stayed there for a couple of hours, and of course, the kids loved it.  Chloe was her usual scaredy-cat self and was afraid of the sharks.  Cole, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough.  He ran around the entire time saying, “Mama, shark!”  “Dada, shark!”  Chloe didn’t want to pet the fish or the stingrays, but Cole had no problem with that either.  The best part about going on a late Monday afternoon was that we were literally the only ones in certain exhibits.  At other times, there were only a few other people around.  It was perfect!

After we finished the aquarium, we headed to the IMAX.  This was not the best of ideas.  I thought the kids would be worn out enough to sit and watch the 45 minute movie.  We even got popcorn to make sure they would sit still, but to no avail.  Neither kid would keep the 3D glasses on, and neither would sit still or be quiet.  Luckily, the theater was almost empty and no one was sitting nearby.

After the movie we walked to Mellow Mushroom for some pizza.  It was getting late by this point, and the kids were in meltdown mode.  We had to scarf down our food and get creative to make it through dinner without losing them.

Here’s Cole spitting out his water everywhere (which he did for quite some time).

And then he began screaming (for quite some time).

Chloe was equally as unhappy.

And she finally just laid down in her seat.

Matt played “Beauty and the Beast” on his phone for Chloe, and that did the trick.

After dinner we walked down to the Riverfront to show the kids what Papa Rod built.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get and pictures.  We were in survival mode at this point.  We headed back to the hotel to settle in for the night.  You would have thought as exhausted as our kids were that they would have been ready for bed.  Nope.  We turned the tv on in the bedroom and let them watch tv together for a while to calm them down.  We finally put them to bed (Chloe in the hotel bed and Cole in the pack-n-play).  That didn’t go so well.  Cole kept climbing out of the pack-n-play, and Chloe kept getting out of the bed and turning the lights on.  Then, they would both walk out into the living room area where we were.  This went on for a while, and we finally had to punish Chloe to get her to stay in the bed, and around 10:30, we didn’t hear any more from them until the next morning at 8:00!


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