Weekend in Atlanta

Since I haven’t seen Carrie since Jazzfest, a visit was in order.  We decided (after Matt was able to hobble around without crutches) that we would pack up and head to Atlanta for a weekend visit.  Wow…. how times have changed!  We were completely worn out after the weekend, but we didn’t do it to ourselves this time.  It was our kids that wore us out!

We arrived Friday evening a little after 6:30, and we were so excited to see Carrie, Ryan, and Layla.  Layla has grown!!!  We hung out and visited for a while before heading to Abby’s birthday party.  We moved car seats around so we could all ride together, and that was an adventure in itself.  We knew we couldn’t stay at Abby’s party too long with the kids, but the kids behaved wonderfully.  Once we got back to Carrie and Ryan’s house and got the kids situated in their beds, it was after 11:00.  And since Matt, Chloe, Cole, and I all slept in the same room, Chloe was expected to sleep in her sleeping bag on the floor.  We had talked this up all week, and Chloe seemed genuinely excited about sleeping on the floor in her sleeping bag for the first time; however, that’s not how it went.  We COULD NOT get Chloe to sleep.  I repeat, we COULD NOT get Chloe to sleep.  Every time we thought we had succeeded, she would appear in the living room where we were and look at us and say, “But I can’t fall asleep.”  This went on until we finally went to bed with Chloe at 1:00.  Yes.  That’s right.  Chloe was up until 1:00 A. M.  A new record for her.  And, if Chloe wasn’t in the middle of Matt and me in a full size bed, Cole was.  Needless to say, no one slept much.

The next day we all went to the airport.  Not just any ordinary airport, but an airport complete with park, restaurant, bar, and outdoor seating to watch the airplanes take off and land in front of us.  And, the kids LOVED it!  Actually, we all did!  Everyone enjoyed watching the airplanes take off and land.  We played until we were all hungry and then headed to Mexican for lunch.

The rest of the weekend consisted of frozen yogurt, naps (finally!), outside play, making cupcakes, a shrimp boil, baths, and then again….  Chloe NOT going to bed.  We begged, we pleaded, we bribed, we punished, we did everything we knew to do, until we finally let her stay up.  Eventually, at midnight – and after Layla decided to join us – I finally called it a night and took Chloe to bed with me.  Again, Chloe slept in the bed with us, and the majority of my night was spent with Chloe snoring in my face with her feet in my ribs and I trying not to roll off the bed.  Another night of very little sleep.

Even though we didn’t sleep very much, it was a very fun weekend.  I knew it was going to be crazy, and so did Carrie.  Much to my surprise, though, it was Chloe that made everything crazy.  Chloe is the easy, model child.  Cole is a totally different story.  This weekend, however, the roles were reversed.  Cole was the sweetest little thing, and Chloe was…. well….  she was not the easy one.

Chloe loved being with Layla, and she acted like a little mother around her.  Both Chloe and Cole enjoyed playing with all the toys and with Izzy.  Like I always say, I should have gotten more pictures.  But, Layla is an absolute doll, and we were all so excited to see her, Carrie, and Ryan.  We’re already working on our next get together that involves some UT football.

Oh, and when we got home Sunday night, Chloe was in bed before 8:00 and slept the next day until 10:00.  The little stinker!


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