What a Weekend!

Our we-have-nothing-to-do-all-weekend-long quickly became a very crazy weekend!  At the last minute Friday night, Uncle D ended up coming over, so Matt threw some steaks on the grill.  The kids played and played and played until way past their bedtime.  It was after 10:00 before we got them to bed, but they both woke early Saturday morning (not a good sign).  Ninnie and Big Poppa came over in the morning and played with the kids, then we headed to lunch, and got the kids down for naps.  We made some spur-of-the-moment plans with the Rosses, which actually seems to be when it always works out to hang with them.  The more spur of the moment we are, the more likely it is to work out.

So, once the kids were asleep, Matt took off to the Y to play a couple games of basketball while I started cleaning.  Not too long after, Matt called saying he was on the way home and needed help getting in the house.  Huh?   It was his ankle, and it was not good.  He could put no pressure on it, so we called Ninnie and Big Poppa to come back over while I took Matt to the walk-in clinic.  We choose this over the ER because we thought it would be faster, and it probably was, but 2 hours later, we left the clinic with crutches, a cast, and a prescription for pain meds.

We didn’t cancel our plans with the Rosses because we wanted to hang with them so badly, so literally, they were getting out of their car as we pulled in the driveway.  The house was not clean, we were not prepared, and Courtney and I raided the fridge to come up with dinner for all of us.  It was quite comical, and I must admit, our worst entertaining ever!  But, that didn’t mean we didn’t have fun.  The chaos probably made it that much better.  Matt was pretty much laid out the entire evening with his foot elevated and on ice.  Chloe and Cole loved on Jake the entire time and played so well.  I think they had the most fun when they disappeared upstairs and ended up jumping on our bed.  I think that is about the time the delirium started to set in.  Around 9:00 we all knew some melt downs were in the near future (even though our husbands disagreed), so we all had to call it a night.

Sunday morning I took the kids to church while Matt was laid up with an elevated and iced ankle.  The doctor said he would be a new man in two days, but I sure don’t see that happening!  It’s already been one day, and he is in no way near being a new man!


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