Chloe’s First Date

Chloe had her first date tonight…. with DADDY!  She was so, so, so excited, and when she woke up from her nap today, it was raining.  She looked out the window, saw the rain, and started crying.  I asked her what was wrong, and she said, “We can’t go on our date because it’s raining.”  I assured her the date would happen rain or shine.  When her daddy rang the doorbell, she couldn’t contain herself.  I took some pictures of the happy couple before they left.

Matt was uncertain exactly what he and Chloe would do on their date, but he knew some type of dessert would be involved.  When they got in the car, Chloe said she wanted to paint, so they went to the Factory and painted some pottery (a mug for Mommy).  After that they walked the streets of downtown Franklin and hit the pet store, the toy store, and ended the date at Sweet CeCe’s where Chloe ate chocolate and vanilla swirl with M&M’s and Reese’s pieces (she’s unfortunately got my sweet tooth).  She made it home at 8:30, which is a late night for her.  She was totally exhausted and ready for bed but had a great time!  And her daddy had just as much fun – if not more – as she did.


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