Swim Date

I am totally going to cheat here!  Miss Niki and Abigail invited us over to swim today and to have lunch.  We had such a good time, and Miss Niki was a wonderful hostess and had a great lunch for us.  I didn’t even bring one thing because she wouldn’t let me!  Miss Niki is such a better blogger than I, so I’ve just copied her blog entry and I’m going to paste it below.  She is much more thorough than I am.  We are so excited that they have just moved from Crieve Hall to Franklin.  Yay!  Neighbors again!  Thanks for the fun day, gals.  Can’t wait to do it again with the men on the Big Green Eggs!

Today we had a swim date with Cole and Chloe, and their mommy, Miss Auburn. What a fun time at the pool, to say the least!!!! Before I begin, not a SINGLE picture. Miss Auburn was upset that she forgot her camera, so Mommy dragged hers along, and low and behold, as they were leaving, we both realized not a single shot… Oh well, the picture probably wouldn’t have told you half of the fun we had!!

We all headed to the pool around 10ish, thinking that was plenty of time to swim a little, grab a lunch back at the house, and be down for nap by one… so we thought…. You were so excited about swimming and talked about it all morning. I mean, why wouldn’t you, it had been a whole 4 days since you’d been in a pool, Miss Waterbug! And, Chloe was super excited, too!! So off to the pool we went. Everyone got in the baby pool, which was great for Mommy and Miss Auburn to catch up, and you would even go sit in the big pool right on the steps, so Mommy was still able to catch up! We all got in the big pool and let me tell you what, that Cole doesn’t have an ounce of fear in him! He was jumping off the edge and swimming to me and wanting to go under, and this is all without his swimmies! Miss Auburn has to keep her eye on him at all times! You were your typical self – watching the big kids play, taking toys that were not yours, and swimming, swimming, swimming. Before we knew it, it was after 12!!! We couldn’t believe it. We were having so much fun, time was flying by! So we gathered our stuff and off we went to eat some lunch at the house. The 3 of you played musical chairs (and musical food) for pretty much all of lunch and then somehow disappeared. We all of a sudden heard you guys upstairs, and then checked on you and you were all 3 playing so good in the playroom, so, to say the least, Mommy and Miss Auburn kept on catching up! You guys played and played and played, and us mommies talked and talked and talked. Finally, we caught a glimpse of the clock, and low and behold it said 2!!! Good gracious time flies with this crew! Miss Auburn started gathering her things and you and Cole ran off somewhere. Next thing we know, he’s got Daddy’s toothbrush and you have Mommy’s just brushing away. I guess it’s good you both like to brush your teeth. Just don’t tell Daddy someone else was using his toothbrush – it will gross him out 🙂

Soon after that it was clear all of you needed a good nap, and after several goodbyes, and a final wave while the garage was shutting, you headed to bed for a nice, long, nap – which you are still currently doing! Mommy thinks she may take a turn at it, too.

Lots of fun today with good friends.

*** Told you Niki was a better blogger than I!



Cole needed some more shorts to make it through the summer, and even though he is 21 months old, he is still wearing his 3-6 month and 9 month shorts from last year (and they fit him perfectly).  I was bound and determined NOT to buy him anything smaller than a 12-month size.  So, I bought him 3 pair of 12-month shorts.  And here they are.  I have to roll up the waist and they are STILL falling off of him.  Poor little thing…. but he sure is cute (and easy to carry around!).

“You are My Sunshine”

Chloe’s new favorite song at bedtime is “You are My Sunshine.”  She really likes it, too, that her Daddy can play it on the guitar.  We sing “Sunshine” to her while tucking her in, and she often wants to sing it back to us two times (to delay going to bed, of course).  But, she sings it so sweet and so soft that I wanted to get it on video.  Naturally, when the video came out, Chloe did not cooperate.

This was take one….

This was take two….

And, this was take three….

Then, I just gave up.


For some reason, we think it is so funny to pull Cole’s pj’s up high and watch him run around.  It doesn’t deter him at all, so maybe that is why it’s so funny.  He continues to run, jump, climb, yell, and play as normal.  Nothing slows down this kid!


And falling….

Little Man

Cole was 21 months Friday, so we had to go to the doctor for a weigh-in today.  There is not a routine check-up at 21 months, but because Cole is so small, the doctor wanted to see him to continue to document his growth.  Well….. drumroll…. he has grown 2 inches!!  He is now in the 5th percentile!  Woop woop!  His weight, on the other hand, did not improve.  He only gained a couple of ounces.  So now, he is off the charts.  Literally.  His weight doesn’t even register on the chart for boys his age!  Does that make him in the zero-ith percentile???  Doctor was pleased with his height and said she just thinks he continues to be “steadily small.”  We will look at his growth again at his two year check-up (which I can’t believe is less than 3 months away!).  Slow down time!

The Agreement

This occurred over the Fourth of July weekend, but it deserved it’s own personal blog entry.  This picture was taken after the 5th or 6th time A. D. and Matt agreed on something.  And, if you know A. D. and Matt, you know why this was such a BIG occasion in our family!  We are going to have to enlarge this picture and frame it.