Happy Retirement, Dad!!

We are all very excited and thrilled that Dad has reached this milestone in his life, but I must say, it’s been very bittersweet.  It was an extremely emotional week with Dad cleaning out his office and finalizing business matters.  As much as retirement has been talked about, this was just not the way we thought it would happen.

With that being said, Continental did an incredible job of making this a happy time for Dad and our family.  They hosted a wonderful retirement dinner for Dad Saturday night, and it was very touching.  Dad made a speech, and he did such a great job.  After his speech, many people got up and said very kind things to Dad and about Dad.  There were many funny stories told, and even though there were some tears, there were many more smiles and much more laughter throughout the night.

We can’t thank Continental enough for all they have done for us the past year.  Many, many thanks go out to Joe McGaugh, Betty Bailey, and all the other Continental attendees for making Saturday night special for Dad and our family.  They have such a special place in all our hearts, especially Dad’s.  And just as Dad said Saturday night, he knows everyone will continue to work hard in keeping Continental successful.


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