Visiting Home

We traveled home this weekend to visit the family and to attend Dad’s retirement dinner.  Although it was a quick trip, we made the most of it.  We spent most of the weekend out at the pool, and the kids (and adults) loved it!  And, I finally found something that Cole will wear in the pool as well as hold him up – floaties along with a padded suit.  FINALLY….. I can let him go in the water and relax a bit!

It was such a great weekend.  We were all together, and Grandan visited as well.  I didn’t get pictures of Uncle Aus riding the kids on the tractor to his garden to pick watermelon and corn, but they both LOVED the tractor.  Chloe has always been too scared to ride the tractor, but this trip she finally warmed up to it.

On Saturday we were all in the pool, and A. D. and Matt began showing off for the camera with their diving “skills.”

For some reason Chloe and Cole are both enthralled with Grandan’s cane.  They always play/fight over it when they see him.


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